Wednesday, July 4, 2007

In the tradition of alchemists and perfumers of ancient times, Roxana creates an illuminated line of exclusive, signature fragrances along with extraordinary custom perfumes.
Creating perfumes from the highest grade botanical materials from Arabia, Madagascar and Mediterranean meadows, Roxanna creates fragrant masterpieces in small batches that resonate with a deep connection drawn from the plant kingdom.

Roxana Villa, both an artist and an alchemist has three fragrances that bespeak honor and reverence for the living essences from which they were born. Quercus: an illuminating combination of green notes with underlying notes of deep woods reminiscent of forest cathedral...earthy, green, but not a fresh green. The warm notes anchored by subtle woods creating rich, and well rounded scent. Amber: Named after the orange-yellow color of fossilized tree resin evoking a deep inner strength. A warm, sensuous perfume melding vanilla orchid bean, Indian wood, balsamics and a hint of smoke. My favorite, Lyra is best described as a veil of tropical flowers with an amber base and a burst of effervescent citrus notes. The original blend was a very special gift from mother to her daughter Eve. Lyra is the perfect fragrance for men or women who desire a light, fresh scent that never screams, "Hello, I'm wearing perfume!" Clean, uncomplicated summer scent and just what I was looking for.

Recently returning from the Lavender Festival in Ojai,
California, Roxana was one of the featured speakers. She shared how Quercus inspired by four oak trees was her inspiration for the first perfume of the Californica line. A portion of proceeds from the sale of Quercus go towards supporting the California Oak Foundation.

Currently she lives and works out of her studio in the Santa Monica Mountains with her family, where she continues to meld her love of nature into an authentic self expression as an artist working in several mediums.

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