Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Majenty Perfume Oils ~ A tropical vacation in a bottle

Distressed about the high cost of travel? Want to leave your cares behind? Is it time to give that pesky ________ (fill in the blank) a rest? Grab your bikini, your sandals and your beach towel. We're taking a scented vacation to Paradise.

For an Indi perfumer who only launched Majenty perfume oils in March, 2006, Jennifer Auspitz of Los Angeles, California has blazed some incredible trails and has celebraties boasting how much they love her fragrances. Lisa Rinna's Belle Gray boutique in Sherman Oaks now carries Majenty perfume oils.

Irresistible hand-blended, alcohol free roll-on perfume oils by Majenty are a great way to take my perfume with me and never worry about it leaking out and ruining my day. Hand blended and long lasting alcohol free perfume oils come in three luscious tropical scents. Don't worry...these are not the 'gag me with gardenia' perfumes that scream tropical paradise you might be familiar. They will get you noticed, but will never overwhelm you.

Written with a lyrical description you'll fall in love with:

Hidden Cove: "Behind an ocean's stone, she dove and found the Hidden Cove." Inside you'll find an island of water lilies so inspiring, coconuts falling on virgin sands and flower fields across the lands. An "Island getaway" with coconut, flowers of the Far East and fresh water lilies. You feel the warm scented breeze all around you and the sand between your toes.

Embrace the Day: "Embrace the day and get ready for anything that comes your way." Inside is the light that awakens you, a tuberose that allures a love so true, the celestial scent of a wise gardenia sky and jasmine dew that welcomes the sunrise. Notes of gardenia, tuberose jasmine and a gentle mix of plumeria are in perfect blend to take you through your day, whatever it can handle it inspired and refreshed.

After Hours: "At twilight we gather and channel the power of After Hours." You hold the key to opening a jasmine impulse of love everlasting, a tropical world of charity and rain, the allure of coconut and hyacinth in spring. An irresistible concoction of coconut, jasmine and tropical florals to take you effortless from day to evening. What's happening in your 'after hours?

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