Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Who wants samples?

I've searched out some of the best niche perfumer samples available on the Internet and here they are!! Enjoy your tiny treasures!

Aroma M
Some of the classiest samples on the Internet. Each sample is individually wrapped in a hand designed paper and presented in a silk pouch.

Over 50 different samples to choose from.
You pick 'em, you love 'em.
Samples are the perfect way to try Dawn's exceptional fragrances.

Eie Flud
Sample handmade toiletries and perfumes from the heart of England!

The sample set contains 7 women's and 5 men's fragrances. Samples are large size atomizers. An excellent value.

4 large size samples, each nestled in their own little box. A, B, C, D! It couldn't be easier or better and the price of the samples is fully applied to your first purchase.

Orion Botanica
16 signature fragrance samples sent to you with lighting speed.

Fabinenne calls them 'Bottled Happiness'. I call them wonderful and witty.

La Cream
What a delightful way to sample fragrances. This sample program is a charm.

Samples of Spao's essences, massage oils, body lotions and soaps are available.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Michael Storer ~ Niche Designer

As a young boy, Michael Storer wanted nothing more than to open the amber glass bottles of mysterious liquids sitting on the shelf in the family kitchen and create magical perfume potions. His mother was the recipient of an especially 'creative' fragrance that she wore dutifully, although he cannot remember the scent. Michael's approach to fragrance design has been as varied as his professional career as artist, actor, model and composer.

For years Michael would have to put his 'passion' on the back burner while life 'happened'. After a time of soul searching, he finally understood what the missing ingredient had been in his life all along...more of those amber glass bottles filled with strange and exotic liquids, tinctures and absolutes. From that realization came boundless creative energy flowing with a single minded determination Michael was finally free to do what his talents, his training and his heart told him to do.

Today, he's an easy going, soft-spoken guy with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes and has six popular fragrances to his credit. He's modest about his success in the world of niche fragrance designers and frequently surveys his loyal following for suggestions on his next fragrance creation. Michael says, "So much of the learning for me has simply been countless experiments and countless bottles and many, many mistakes. Gradually you begin to learn what works with what and what doesn't."

Starting with a very popular men's line that is easily worn by women as well, Michael launched Monk, Djin and Il Giardino. But he knew, as a developing perfumer, that his destiny would lead to decidedly feminine creations.

Quoting Tracy Figler from Sniffapalloza Magazine, "If Michael Storer’s men’s fragrances are quiet and reserved, his women’s scents are just the opposite." I've personally met each of these women and I share her sentiment. Stephanie, Genvieve and Yvette, are three competitive 'femme fatales' who know how to make an entrance and are not embarrassed to demand center stage. Each announces, "I'm here, now stop what you're doing and give me your undivided attention!" Without as much as a introduction, or even knowing your name, they subdue you with heady florals and sensuous notes of spices and musks.

Stephanie opens with the elusive watery green essence of gardenia...not the gardenia I wore to my prom. This is the nearly ethereal green essence of the gardenia that doesn't smack you in the face. It's strangely familiar, but add in the pink and black pepper notes calmed by tuberose and you have a very sophisticated daytime fragrance. Decidedly unique, this would easily add a touch of glamor to my 'nine to five' job!

Genvieve awakens my senses like an icy fruity/floral sorbet preparing you for the main course. Quivering mid notes of peach, ylang ylang and violet leaf quiets the Bulgarian rose, a little too much for me personally, especially when anchored with multiple base notes of ambergris, musk, sandalwood and civet. However, I definitely would wear Genvieve when I'm feeling 'controversial' and a bit argumentative, knowing I'll win. Great to wear for an IRS audit...that poor agent won't stand a chance!

Bittersweet Yvette, almost eclipsed by the bravado of Stephanie and Genvieve still commands my attention, although her beguiling motive is unclear to me. The rich deep burgundy juice of plums, 'cherry pie' of the heliotrope and muguet mysteriously develop into a spicy dianthus whisper topped with creamy vanilla at the end of her swan song. Yvette has me wanting more. My favorite of the three, Yvette is the only spark I'll need to light the fire for a romantic rendezvous.

These three lovely ladies are available in either elegant crystal glass bottles in a presentation box when only the best is desired or a convenient EdT purse spray at
Breaking news...Michael Storer is now also available at Lucky Scent! Congratulations Michael

Read the complete Michael Storer interview.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

La Base ~ Flowers of Switzerland

La Base is a fragrance of contradictions. While it captures the fresh, fragile beauty of wildflowers, delicate bluebells, violets, wild alpine rose and a symphony of other flowers, it bespeaks heavier complex notes of wild raspberry, mimosa, freesia, vetiver, magnolia, and marigold. Marianne comments of the "hint of the icy sharpness of clear mountain air". I'm still sniffing like crazy to figure out where this statement comes in to play.

I remember some very vibrant 'mountain' scents when I was hiking early one morning in the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. The steam was still rising off the ponds as I walked carefully through the marshes hoping to get some closeup pictures of a Beaver dam. Though I walked gently on the moss-like carpet my footprints crushed small white and pink flowers growing close to the waters edge. The fragrance they released was acrid, yet at the same time sweet, like something wanting to be powdery soft, but destined to be herbaceous and deep woods.

The marigold flowers in La Base force the mid notes to call out a bitter/metallic greeting to my nose that quickly subsides much to my relief. If you are patient and don't try to rush the 'dry down' you'll be rewarded with an incredible floral adagio that is deftly conducted by notes of vanilla, musk and violets. This is one incredible, complicated fragrance that demands respect. When you're wearing La Base, you feel instantly dressed for a special occasion; the Opera, Ballet, or dinner at the Four Seasons. You feel sophisticated, in charge and confident. I'd say that's worth the price of admission!

Marianne Masshardt had a vision of creating fragrances that evoke the essence of her beloved homeland, Switzerland. Viewing the wild Alps inspired her to capture impressions so vivid they could never be replaced in her imagination. Using the finest natural ingredients, Marianne has created a perfume scent that conjures images of Switzerland as you've always imagined it: ice-capped mountains, rolling green meadows, alpine flowers and breathtaking vistas. Amazing to put all this into a bottle.

If you'd like to try a sample first, click here. Available for $130 for 50ml at Lucky Scent.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Galimard ~ Historic Perfumer

Galimard ~ The tradition continuesI'm not sure what more I could want: A first class perfumer of world renown offering free tours of their perfume museum at Galimard de Eze, or maybe it's off to Grasse to observe perfume creation in person, or I find my inner child and go running through fields of flowers in Gourdon.

EZE This picturesque medieval village is the home of their charming perfume museum. It reflects the nostalgia of the past with its magnificent ancient perfume bottles, as well as the realistic present with the demonstration of their soap production which supplies all their shops. As in Grasse, this shop offers the opportunity to visitors to buy products at factory prices.

GRASSE Traditional factory in the world’s capital of perfume where, under the guidance of our hostesses, you discover a magnificent collection of museum pieces as well as antique production equipment. The visit will lead you through the laboratory and the conditioning room where the origins of perfumes can be traced. A thorough explanation of the extraction methods of aromatic raw materials, flowers, plants, and aromatic woods is given. You will also discover the work organ of the " composer " of perfumes, called the " Nose ", and some of his secrets will be revealed to you. Finally, you will have the opportunity to visit their shop where our large product assortment of great quality will be offered at factory prices: perfumes and eaux de toilette, eaux de cologne, soaps, cosmetics, bath products, etc.

GOURDAN a charming village in the mountains of Grasse, built like an eagle’s nest on a mountain spur with a splendid view over the Coast, Parfumerie Galimard invites you to its old Distillery of La Source Parfumée. This is where they distill alpine flowers taken from the heart of nature and obtain the finest essences like lavender, orange tree, genista, and thyme. You can also discover the enchantment of its vast flower fields.

Studio des Fragrances Come and create your own perfume! Galimard recently opened the last door which had always been closed to the public - the magic of the creation. You have no doubt dreamed of the day you would find your own personal fragrance. One that is exclusively yours. The scents and smells that will remind you of fond memories, of people, places and things which seduced you. A scent uniquely 'you' and one that will distinguish you from all others.

Jean de Galimard, Lord of Seranon, related to the Count of Thorenc and great friend of Goethe, lived in Grasse where in 1747 he created the Parfumerie Galimard. As founder of the corporation of "Glove makers and Perfumers", he supplied the court of Louis, "the well-beloved", King of France, with olive oil, pomades, and perfumes of which he invented the first formulas. For over 250 years, the Parfumerie Galimard has been following the same traditions as its renowned founder and uses the very processes which made its name famous. As in the past, their source is the nature of Grasse - jasmine, rose, lavender, orange flower, tuberose - from which they obtain our rich scents. Only the use of traditional methods can guarantee their incomparable fine quality. Their extensive catalog of personal and home products is unrivaled and features a gift set complete with a silk scarf.

Who wants samples?

A box of 12 very generous samples gives you the opportunity to try each of their fragrances. Truly a bargain.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fragrances of Ireland ~ Inis - the energy of the sea

In a valley between the two Sugarloaf Mountains in County Wicklow, an area known as 'The Garden of Ireland', you will find Fragrances of Ireland and their fields of lavender and other aromatic plants.

Fragrances of Ireland was established as a family-owned company in 1983 selling Irish perfumes to tourists. However, their products have become so popular that they are now the leading Irish Perfume House and their brands are household names in Ireland. They tenderly create beautiful representations of Ireland through their products, which range from fine fragrances to premium soaps and toiletries, with a meaningful message that people can relate to: "Bringing people back to the wonders of nature and at the same time uplifting them spiritually."

A rose for you, brought all the way from Ireland

Inis Arose is a floral perfume that celebrates the magic of life and love, and imbues a light hearted feeling to the woman who wears it. Inspired by Botticelli's painting, The Birth of Venus. As she arose from the sea a shower of roses came down from the heavens as a gift from the gods to mark the re-birth of love.

Inis Arose is a beautifully fresh Irish perfume conveying a new peace and understanding from Ireland to the world; a fragrance to celebrate the magic of life and love and give everyone a fresh new heart.

"The joyous scent of Inis Arose makes you glad to be alive, delighted to take great breaths of perfumed air and rejoice in re-birth. It dances on the tiniest and most delicate of feet and wafts to the skies, connecting heaven and earth, giving new life and heart to all who wear it." I absolutely adore this Rose fragrance. It's not my Grandma's rose, not my Mother's's a rose rising from the depths of the sea, a rose thought to have been lost, but now found. A rose with salt air hidden between the petals with lingering lemon notes that disobey the hierarchy of 'notes' and refuse to leave, but that is the allure of this perfume. It's light, fresh and while not overpowering, it does makes quite an impression.

Undeniably feminine, it has a top note of sunny lemon with pink geraniums, cyclamen and lily of the valley, middles heart notes of rose, and base hints of sandalwood and vanilla. Inis Arose is just one of the exceptional Irish fragrances available and with a great selection of perfumes, body lotions, and gift sets you might just have a difficult time choosing and want all of them.

Warning: The Garden of Ireland will tempt you with so many luxury bath items and if you read the following paragraph out loud, you may find yourself checking on flights to Ireland. Trust me, it could happen. Don't say I didn't warn you!

"Each scent has been chosen as it encapsulates someone’s memory of Wicklow: the harvesting of our lavender fields in July; heading out with buckets to collect the wild blackberries growing on the hedgerows; the magnificent rose gardens in grand old houses and the magic of being there as the dew glistens in the sunlight; climbing the Sugarloaf and lying out on the carpet of heather and moss at the peak; freshly made lemonade, not too sweet, that quenches your thirst after a day’s adventuring; picking apples in the orchards and then making apple pie."

Fragrances of Ireland can be purchased online and at exclusive retails shops around the world.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sharon Bolton ~ Tropical with a twist

Sharon Bolton Scents ~ A tropical vacation in a bottle
Are you needing a vacation from the ordinary...fragrance? Who needs a travel agent when relaxation, pampering and a luxury body care 'getaway' are as close to you as Truth, Luv and Soul.
Sharon Bolton has incorporated soft exotic florals, sparkling citrus, and tropical flare into her hand-blended perfume oils. Growing up as a teenager in Canada, Sharon Bolton had trouble finding commercial scents that she liked...or more particularly, ones that liked her and didn't give her a headache or some other unpleasant reaction.

As a result, she began 'layering' and blending different oils and fragrances to make her own long-lasting scents, a successful research experiment that grew into an equally successful business. Sharon has wisely chosen three scents to enjoy as perfume oil, body lotion, shower cream and scented candles for a true tropical celebration!

Sharon Bolton, who moved to Santa Barbara from Los Angeles about four years ago, recently launched Sharon Bolton Scents, selling a limited range of perfume oils, body lotions and body washes on the Web and through a number of retail outlets. Taking her inspiration from being surrounded by the beaches of Santa Barbara, Sharon's scents take you on an vacation to sun drenched beaches, palm trees gently swaying, tropical breezes blowing and a straw hammock to rock you to sleep.

You simply can't go wrong with any scent you choose, they are all invigorating and sweet but not overpowering. Sharon uses pure, natural and essential oils for her perfumes.

Truth - A refreshing, clean citrus... think tangy lemon-lime... softened by an exotic floral and an airy, sheer musk... fresh like a warm sea breeze! This has great appeal as a unisex scent with a 'not over the top' floral notes. My favorite and perfect for summer!

Luv - An intoxicating, ultimately feminine scent of rare pink gardenia, lush Hawaiian white flowers, and a hint of creamy vanilla with a delicate whisper of white musk. What a way to fall in Luv! Make everyday a special occasion with Luv.

Soul - Sweet tropical notes that will evoke a memory for your soul. Juicy papaya, luscious pineapple, and creamy coconut with undertones of clean musk. It’s enough to sweep you away to the islands. I'm thinking exotic fruit salad with a twist. Need I say more?

A gift set is available that includes perfume oil (1/8 oz), perfumed body lotion (8 oz), perfumed shower cream (8 oz), and a soy candle (7.5 oz), in the scent of your choice. The gift set of Sharon Bolton products comes in a gift box tied with satin ribbon and are available online and at select retail locations.

Sharon Bolton Scents gives back to the community through a number of causes close to their heart. The Muscular Dystrophy Association, Susan B. Komen, The Teddy Bear Foundation and the American Diabetes Association to name a few.

Sharon, thank you for your generous contribution to such worthy causes!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Walking the Red Carpet with Fresh Scents by Terri

Next time you have a case of 'Red Carpet' envy, spritz on one of Terri's Fresh Scents and 'va va voom' you'll be feeling like a star, even if the only red carpet you walk on is in your kitchen!

Join celebrities Heather Locklear, Lisa Rinna, Jillian Barberie, Tori Spelling, Gail O'Grady, Amanda Bynes, Donna D'Errico, Rachel Hunter, and Jennifer Blanc and indulge yourself in her fragrances.

A rising fragrance star with the stars of Hollywood is Terri Weitzman who started blending her own fragrances about four years ago because she was so tired of smelling like everyone else and the "big" perfume companies weren't coming up with any unique scents. They all seemed to be copying each other. Terri hit upon a niche that needed to be filled. She was constantly stopped by both women and men asking what she am wearing and where they could buy it. After explaining that she blended her own fragrances, she thought if this many people are interested in her fragrances then maybe it is a sign that she should start her own business.

Fresh Scents by Terri started out by word of mouth, expanding to the web and into some wonderful boutiques and stores around the world. Fresh Scents by Terri creates oils, lotions, body washes and bath & shower gels in many wonderful fragrances for women and two fragrances for men.

I have tried each of Terri's scents and Oh Baby is my favorite. The deftly blended Pikaki with China Rain is an excellent pairing. This is a serious heavy weight in the scent market and I didn't need much to make a statement. It lasts for the better part of the day and was still lingering, though softly into the evening. The Shimmer Scents would probably have more appeal with the younger set who love to glimmer, shimmer and shine'.

Fresh Scents by Terri
has found a trendy, flirty and very creative way to market her products. To be still considered 'new' in the fragrance world and have such a loyal following and to be carried by International and US boutiques demonstrates that Terri not only knows her fragrances, she knows that hard work and persistence pays off!

Congratulations to you Terri and we look forward to your next fragrance launch in the future!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Spao ~ Organic Body Care

Spao Apothekaria
"It is the most sincere form of essence, composed solely from organic aromatic ingredients and devoid of any synthetic far more alive and pleasing to the senses as it continues blooming, evolving and revealing its beauty on your skin." Ana Brito, perfumer and founder of Spao Apothekaria on the unique benefits of natural perfume.

I must say that I'm quite taken with the Spao Vanilla Amber EdT. At first, I thought it was just another Vanilla. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE Vanilla and I'll have a entire week of spotlighting Gourmand scents coming up soon! But, after about 5-6 minutes, a very warm note, almost like carnation began to surface. Now I really like this...the carnation/clove note that I'm picking up is very similar to Roger and Gallet's Blue Carnation, a favorite of mine that is now discontinued. This is making this fragrance very intriguing. So many vanilla perfumes are...well, just vanilla and frankly a little boring, but Ana has taken vanilla to a new level. You've got to try this one!
Spao products are presented in organic/earthy packaging that is complimentary to the philosophy of adhering to earth-conscious ethics, ensuring Spao products are always:
*free of synthetic ingredients fragrances, preservatives and colorants
*composed of certified organic and wild crafted ingredients whenever available
*cruelty free vegan products - no animal ingredients/no animal testing *recyclable/biodegradable packaging
The Spao Apothekaria collection includes:
Eau de Toilette
Dusting Power

The Spao catalog with complete product descriptions and pricing is available here.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sarbez Perfume ~ A fragrance that wouldn't give up!

Everyday we read about someone, somewhere who just wouldn't give up! Now there's also a perfume who wouldn't give up either. Sarbez Perfume is so much more than an incredible fragrance. It's the cliff hanging transformational journey about Peggy Dean, who believing with all her heart that her signature perfume would survive, let nothing keep her from her 'happy ending'. Her fervent wish is for many to enjoy this story of grit and tenacity and wear the fragrance with a confidence of “I can do anything!” You could call this a classic romance between a woman and a fragrance.

As I read Sarbez, the Renaissance of a Fragrance, the love affair that Peggy has had with perfume was immediately evident. During the 20 year rebirth of her signature perfume, Peggy encountered more roadblocks, more stalls, more dead ends, and more disappointing leads that never materialized than most. I honestly don't know if I would have had the stamina to continue. But sheer determination kept her going strong and in the grand scheme of all things, she stayed true to the course and won! In her brief commentary you'll learn about the original Treasure Perfume, its early success and why it had to retreat to be reborn as Sarbez.

I've got to tell you the story of how she choose the name Sarbez. Wanting to make sure that she would not infringe on the name of any other fragrance, she wove her way through the alphabet from A-Z. When she came to 'Z' the first thing she thought of was Zebras...but no way could she name her perfume Zebras. But, if she reversed the letters, something mysterious sounding was being born in her mind and the rest as they say is history. If you look closely at the silver imprinting on her package, you'll see the familiar stripe of the Zebra. Very clever Peggy. The book is a quick read and Peggy writes in a conversational style as though joining you for coffee on a Sunday afternoon. I heartily recommend both the book and the fragrance.

Peggy has mastered the art of presentation! Sarbez perfume is packaged in your choice of four unique and elegant collector bottles, then tucked away in a red velvet box imprinted in silver. First class all the way.

Sarbez is a creation of bergamot, lavender and nuances of several tropical modern twists. The body of the fragrance consists of rich, creamy notes of ylang-ylang and jasmine with hints of fresh floral rose. The lasting scent is a resinous accord of sweet vanilla and Tonka beans surrounded by precious woods of patchouli. What I personally love most about Sarbez is that it starts out as a confident fragrance, then settles into a soft and mysteriously long lasting scent.

It's not as powdery as I thought it might be with the base notes being vanilla, Tonka beans and patchouli. It does have a wonderful way of changing from the first mist that you spray to the final fragrance that leaves you feeling you are wearing a very unique fragrance. My husband said, "Honey, that is a beautiful perfume, what would it smell like on me?" I took him up on his question and spritzed him and while I'm not completely sure that this would fall in the category of unisex fragrances, my husband was getting more citrus notes from the beginning and the patchouli was quite a bit more dominate with his chemistry than mine. Overall, we could definitely claim this as a 'his and her' type of scent and a very pleasant one at that!

Peggy, congratulations on the rebirth of your amazing fragrance.

Sarbez ~ The Renaissance of a Fragrance

Sarbez Eau de Parfum

12 ml .40 fluid ounce spray is available from the website as a special introductory special.

Bourbon Roses and Eros ~ Lisa Fong

Roses and perfume seem to naturally go together. This week, readers have taken a leisurely stroll in my rose garden and met some of the most fragrant Hybrid Teas, were cautioned about the the beach loving Shrub rose with thorns that could rip your hand off and fell in love with the dainty pink Centifolia. Our final rose is the Bourbon Rose or Edwardian Rose.

Ideal for the shrub or herbaceous border, it plays a supporting role with it's mild fragrance. Bourbon Roses are named for the Ile Bourbon, now called Reunion, in the Indian Ocean, where they traditionally are supposed to have originated from a natural cross between the China `Parsons' Pink' and the red `Tous-les-Mois', a Damask Perpetual.

In a fascinating account from Old Garden Roses and Beyond, the custom was to plant a rose hedge around your parcel of land. By most accounts, the first Bourbon rose was an accidental cross between 'Old Blush' and 'Autumn Damask'. As the story goes, Monsieur Edouard Pynaert, the director of the island's small botanical garden permitted the two "parent" roses to intermingle, they cross pollinated (bees doing what they do, and all), and the result was a rose the islanders called 'Rose Edouard'.

Artemisia Natural Perfume ~ Lisa Fong, Designer
From quarter notes to base notes
Lisa's journey in fragrance begins down a different path, when as a professional violinist, she began to experience severe neck pain. After two surgeries, she was left with excruciating neck pain and was forced to give up her dream. Lisa says, "When God closes a door, he opens a window."

Lisa's window opened wide when she discovered Mandy Aftel's book, Essence and Alchemy. "I felt like I had a new direction. I took some classes with Mandy Aftel and began making natural perfumes like crazy. It was a very healing thing." I consider Mandy my mentor. She is a wonderful person, warmhearted and generous. I am still studying with her. She is very bright and creative and I admire her spirit. Most of natural perfumery is self-taught, but you need guideposts to keep you on track. Mandy has been my guidepost. "

Eros eau de parfum
The rose is an emblem of the heart and soul and Eros uses the beautiful Edwardian rose to symbolize erotic love. Eros in Greek mythology was the Roman equivalent to Cupid. Aphrodite, the mother of Eros is jealous of the beauty of mortal Psyche, as men are leaving her altars barren to worship a mere human woman instead, and so commands her son Eros to cause Psyche to fall in love with the ugliest creature on earth. A mishap with his own arrow causes Eros to fall in love with Psyche himself. I'd love to have been in on that conversation between mother and son!

Eros is a classic rose scent, with a rich floral rose heart and a base of natural musks, sandalwood, oak moss, and vetiver. Classic, but unusual in the amazing richness of pure natural ingredients, which have been used throughout history to enhance romantic pleasure. You will fall in love with Eros and you won't need to be shot with an arrow! It is very complex, with over 20 components, but an uncomplicated fragrance... a beautiful rose scent. I had to try this perfume several times before I could detect all of the subtle nuances of Lisa's expert blending.

The rose note initially bursts into the open with an uncharacteristic bravado of an Edwardian rose and although wearing this would not clear an elevator, I would be careful not to 'over-spritz' Eros. Natural perfumes, because they don't contain fixatives, and are created from only natural sources are meant to be frequently applied during the day. Artemisia Natural Perfumes long to be experienced as they develop and change on your skin. Lisa' perfumes are custom blended by hand to preserve the quality of her finished products that she is becoming known for. Lisa is an active member of the Artisan Natural Perfumers Guild offers classes in "Develop your own natural perfume." Lisa, you are a rose like no other! Congratulations on your amazing journey and best wishes for continued success.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The rustled red rose of Moracco

This upright shrub, legend has it, was collected by an international rose rustler. We are told that the original bush was found growing in Morocco, hence its unusual study name. Its is very reminiscent of the Hybrid Perpetual class in that its fragrant deep pink flowers are born on the end of the long canes. The foliage is quite Damask-like, as are the many fine bristles found all along the cane. It seems highly probable therefore that this lovely rose belongs to the Portland class.

The Morocco Rose is considered part of the old class of roses that became popular after 1800 largely because of its ability to bloom repeatedly - a rare trait among European roses at the time. The fragrant blooms open on straight stems directly atop their foliage. Perhaps the most captivating quality about this little gem of a rose is its intense damask fragrance. Its enticing scent is exceptional in quality and pure old rose. Thanks to this sweet and rich perfume, complete with subtle undertones of Musk, these roses are often found in the “Most Fragrant” division at rose shows.

An off-beat, apothecary-style perfumery called Essence on Boston's famed
Newbury Street, which specialized in creating custom
fragrances for its clientele was the place where you'd find Sarah after her theater classes at Emerson University were done for the day. Fueled by an intuitive skill for perfumery and the conviction that fragrance was a vehicle for self-expression, Sarah would work one-on-one with clients for hours at a time to design their perfect customized scent. That was in the late 1980's.

The fragrance I've fallen in love with, if you don't know by now, was the rose inspired Perfect Love. A spicy and enticing aphrodisiac Perfect Love features top notes of mandarin and bergamot. At its heart is lush Moroccan red rose absolute, which is considered to be the queen of all flowers and the flower of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. These notes are supported by honeysuckle and pikaki flowers, as well as a rich, sensual base accord of amber, vanilla, musk, patchouli and sandalwood.

Created as a limited edition, I've been informed as of today, that only a few remaining items are available (dreamy candles and luscious body cream) for those who act quickly by ordering directly from Creative Scentualization. Fortunately, Perfect Love is still available for made to order body lotions, bath jells and massage oils.

Today, Sarah Horowitz-Thran, the creative genius and imaginative 'nose' of Creative Scentualization has moved to the warm climate of Southern California and has crafted a process called The Fragrance Journey allowing a personal, custom designed perfume to be created only for you. When celebs like Sarah Michelle Gellar and Rachel Bilson need a signature scent, they turn to Sarah Horowitz-Thran. And so can you! You're not planning a visit to the West Coast in the near future? Not a problem! You can have your own Online Fragrance Journey. The answers you provide will enable Sarah to create three customized fragrance samples just for you.

Perfect Perfumer's Palette
A line of 33 single note fragrances that can be worn alone or layered together, the Perfumer's Palette allows you to step into the role of perfumer. Each single note fragrance features a color- coded label that indicates its categorization as a top, middle or base note. Beautiful when worn alone, they may also be layered with any other fragrance in your perfume wardrobe to create a blend that is uniquely yours. The Perfumer's Palette is a wonderful way to experiment with fragrance. Who may create a fragrance so fabulous you'll cause a traffic jam just crossing the street - you'll smell so good.

Perfect Candles
Candles are currently available for the following fragrances: Perfect Gardenia, Perfect Veil, Perfect Nectar and Perfect Vanilla. Indulge your environment with these latest additions to the Perfect Perfumes line!

Perfect Body Creme'
Our decadent body crèmes contain rich, emollient shea butter that soothes and moisturizes with extracts of chamomile, cucumber and lavender, while vitamins A, C and E nourish and protect. Your skin is left sensually soft and fragrant with the scent of our Perfect Perfumes.
Who wants samples?
Sarah, we all wish you continued success in your fragrance endeavors and a special hello to adorable Jessica.