Thursday, July 19, 2007

From 'Rock Chick' to Rock Solid
Jo Wood, wife of Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood is an original rock chick. But far from living a life of rock'n'roll excess, these days she's greener than green, having embarked on an organic lifestyle. The minute she saw the difference a chemical-free diet made to her health, there was no looking back.

Jo Wood is dedicated to organics, having great respect for the incredible properties of nature they have committed to making the purest, most natural products possible using only the highest grade of essential oils and plant extracts.

Capturing the spirit of the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa's Indian
Ocean and the Far East, Jo's target was to create a line of organic body fragrances that was also exquisite. One of the most interesting facts about the line is that it contains no water, but features an ultra-filtered form of orange juice known as vegetal water which provides anti-oxidants to the skin.

Jo's philosophy is quite simple, yet quite profound,
"I’m passionate about organics. From the food in the fridge to the sheets we sleep on, our house is totally organic."

Inspired by the Swahili word Usiku which means 'night' is warm and sensual, with a fresh, vibrant edge, this is a scent for men and women alike. Top notes of rosemary and pine needle with a spicy hit of cardamom and hot ginger. Complex heart notes of coriander, clove, and clary sage. Base notes of Moroccan cedar wood, patchouli, and vetiver.

Amka, also a Swahili word means 'to wake' and begins with bright fresh top notes of neroli and bergamot. Heart notes of Iranian rose otto and Egyptian jasmine. Base notes of green mandarin and sweet orange add a layer of fresh vibrancy.

Available from our good friends at Saffron Rouge and Beauty Habit and online at Jo Wood.