Friday, July 13, 2007

Had any good dreams lately?

Dream Esscents is a delightful Chicago based business with some of the most yummy gourmand scents I've ever experienced. Created by Tanya Casteel, whose lifelong love for fragrance began as a small child when she started collecting perfumes. She simply cannot remember a time when she was not blending her own fragrances.

Dream Esscents is known for their gourmand fragrances. However, Tanya has many customers requesting spices, woods and resins and she is slowly adding those to her line, while still trying to keep the amount of scents that she offers at a manageable level.

Specializing in high quality long lasting parfum oils and eau de parfum sprays, each one is custom created and hand blended. Original, one of a kind, signature fragrances are also available if you would like to create your own unique scent.

The Dream Esscents collections include:
Gourmand/CakeAccords, Floral/Green, Musk, Sheer, Chocolate, Woods/Spices and Citrus.

Dream Esscents offers a wide variety of 'collections' that rate a 'must have this one for sure' but one really stood out to me and has become my favorite. From the gourmand collection is a perfume called Honey Bee. Honey, vanilla bean and toasted nuts appears to make this pretty much a linear fragrance, but only at first sniff. The blending of the vanilla bean and nut notes (that sounds funny to say) gives the aroma of the waxy honeycomb as well. I was re-sniffing every two minutes and the fragrance kept evolving into a sweet, warm, comfort scent, that probably might be better suited in the Fall and Winter, but I love wearing it now!! It is quite similar to Allesandro by Mazzalori without the cherry/almond extract note. And it's certainly a bargain at $25.00 for a 1 oz Eau d Parfum spray. I'm not sure if I wear this or put this on my English's that realistic! Bee-lieve me!

All scents come in a dry oil and shea butter oil sprays for luscious aromas from head to toe and are available online at Dream Esscents.