Saturday, July 28, 2007

Andy Tauer
The Lonestar Memories Maker

Andy Tauer is both a gentleman and a genius when it comes to blending exotic, daring and provocative notes together. His creations include Le Maroc pour Elle, L'Air du Desert Marocan, Reverie au Jardin and Lonestar Memories. Andy Tauer has secured his place in the niche hall of fame with a cult following of admiring fragrance lovers. Humble, unassuming, honest and generous, he exudes an extreme confidence without being haughty. He's witty, playful and a very creative writer as expressed in his own blog.

I presented
Lonestar Memories to my husband and asked him to tell me what he thought of the fragrance. Before I could advise him to wait the obligatory 2-3 minutes post-spritz, his nose was buried in his forearm and when he came up for air, there was a pained expression on his face. Entreating him not to rush to judgment, I asked him to give it a chance to settle down and warm to his chemistry. Here was my perfect opportunity to try Lonestar Memories myself and make note comparisons. One spritz was perfectly metered out on my arm and of course being a perfumista in training, I did wait the appropriate time and then a deep inhalation announces..."Andy, you have this blended this very complex fragrance to perfection." My chemistry welcomed the smokey/sweet notes of birch tar, jasmine and tonka while my husband reflected the woody notes of cedar, vetiver and sandalwood. It was unanimous, we both loved this! Snuggle time that evening blended them even better. (wink)

My memory was immediately taken back to a summer vacation at Latigo Dude Ranch in Kremmling Colorado. Picture this scene: The evening ride takes you by horseback to a mountain ridge overlooking a stand of aspen to witness a breathtaking sunset. Already the air is heavy with dew, the sweetness of the native grasses and evergreens surround you with deep aromas reminiscent of cathedral incense. As we dismount, our guide has prepared a campfire and our 'cowboy' coffee. The wind picks up a bit and the smoke reaches out with small embers bursting in the air. The air becomes even heavier as night approaches and millions of stars make their debut in the sky. Even after the memory of our vacation has faded,
Lonestar Memories is the fragrant microcosm of this experience. Thanks for the memories Andy!

Unafraid to use the unusual; Geranium, Carrot seed, Clary sage, Birch tar, Cistus, Jasmine, Cedar wood, Myrrh, Tonka, Vetiver and Sandalwood bring wave after wave of olfactory emotion in this incredibly long lasting fragrance.

Andy's fragrances are available at: LuiLei, Lucky Scent, First in Fragrance and the charming Eie Flud.
Reverie au Jardin be reviewed in the near future.