Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Floris of London ~ US Website

Noteworthy Fragrances announces the US website for Floris of London

"The new American site has been modified to meet the needs of US customers, with the UK site still carrying much of the extensive historical background about Floris." Debra Courtright brings us this good news about developing their presence and profile in the United States. To celebrate, Floris-US is having a clearance sale party you don't want to miss.

Immersed in the infinite old-world beauty of London, my afternoon had been perfect, and still savoring the elegant High Tea I had just taken in the Rose room at the St. James Hotel in London, I set out to discover the boutique shops on Jermyn street. Red double-decker buses packed with tourists darted through the streets, while taxi's honked and gestured their way through traffic. I was grateful I did not take public transportation and was free to window shop with abandonment. My husband had left earlier with the rest of our tour to watch the changing of the Palace Guard and 'see the Queen'. I was setting out on Jermyn Street to shop like one!

I found a Royal Dalton china cup and saucer that I just had to have for my collection, tins of familiar teas, jams and lemon curd would also be going home as gifts. Lovely stationary, little vintage pop-up cards and calligraphy pens joined the shopping bags on my arms. I had to reward myself for finding such great selections so I purchased three dark chocolate truffles to be enjoyed with immediate gratification. What a way to experience London.

Being the ever curious person I am, I kept walking on Jermyn Street just to make sure I hadn't missed anything and found my 'heaven on earth'. Floris of London, located at 89 Jermyn Street, is a voyage into the past! Imagine the essence of beautifully crafted fragrances greeting you as you open the door. Imagine the immaculately spotless, gleaming Spanish mahogany counters, the glowing chandeliers and the very proper sales staff nodding politely, not aggressively, but letting you have your personal space just to appreciate the beauty surrounding you. With only a few minutes left before I'd have to return to the hotel lobby to meet our touring group, I was frantic to decide what to sample first and purchase. So when in doubt, I immediately tried the Rose scents of this historical floral perfumer.

Floris of London is one of the world's most traditional perfume makers, established in 1730 by Juan Famenias Floris. After securing
premises in London`s St.James, Juan initially set up business as a barber and comb-maker, however, he soon missed the aromas and sensations of his Mediterranean youth. In an attempt to put form to these memories he began blending oils, essences and fixatives, transported from Europe, into the first Floris fragrances. His timeless creations, nine generations later have made Floris of London the ongoing official perfumer of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the supplier of toiletries to the Prince of Wales.

This perfumer is so
steeped in history that staff continue to practice vintage/old world charm practices without a second thought. One of the most endearing of these goes back to the late 19th century when Floris began to accept cash as well as account customers. It was then considered rude to give customers dirty or crumpled change, so all coins were scrubbed clean and paper notes were ironed flat. Because my purchase was made with Visa, (never visit London with out it!) I didn't enjoy the time honored tradition of having 'scrubbed coins' returned in my change. Next time for sure!

Floris China Rose, is a warm, romantic and sophisticated scent. A complex bouquet of exotic roses, very sweetly oriental, it is a fragrance of seduction. Though originally created to appeal to women who love strong fragrances, I didn't find it overbearing in the least. "The China Rose woman adores romance, it suits her voluble nature and like the fragrance, she is complex, often mysterious, but always sophisticated and self-assured." Reminds me of "Scent of a Woman," where Al Pacino's character said he could pick out a woman wearing a Floris fragrance.

Floris Rose Geranium, a classic, was first introduced by Floris in 1890
when Pink Geranium was added to an existing Geranium. Floris Rose Geranium are inseparable - an almost holistic fragrance with warn hints of rose, this is a very calming scent. The Bath Oil leaves my skin cocooned in delicate petals and luxuriously soft.

The entire catalog of Floris of London products is vast and includes Tuberose, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Malmaison, and Gardenia fragrances just to name several. These are available in the 50ml and 100ml Eau de Toilette Atomizer, as well as Ead de Parfum, Bath and Body luxury products, Shampoo, Shaving, Linen Sprays and so much more. Free samples are always shipped when you order the catalog!!

The candles Floris of London features delight you on two sensory levels, both visual and aromatic. Each candle is carefully blended and contains a high level of pure fragrance to ensure quality aroma throughout the entire room. Before you leave on your next vacation, be sure to check where Floris of London products are available throughout the world. They're closer than you think! www.florislondon.com