Sunday, July 15, 2007

Today I've become a Rich Hippie

Exquisite, chic, hip and luxurious…all describe a line of organic fragrances from Rich Hippie, a California-based perfume house. Looking for the ultimate trip back to the 60's? Are your tie-dyed tee shirts, and your love beads missing or long ago sold at your neighbor's garage sale? Your inner 'flower child' is easily recaptured with any Rich Hippie fragrance.

The company has brought back traditional perfumery techniques employed by the great French perfumers at the turn of the late century to create a line of perfume that is truly beautiful and unique. In the words of Rich Hippie creator and perfumer Nannette Pallrand: "There is nothing more beautiful than an all-natural perfume where you can actually smell the real flowers as opposed to a man-made chemical perfume that uses synthetic versions of flowers concocted in a laboratory. Studies have even shown that a real and all-natural perfume actually creates a chemical reaction in the body that uplifts the senses whereas a man-made, synthetic perfume brings the senses down." Rich Hippie is a line of completely organic, wild-crafted perfumes, created from carefully selected plant extracts and packaged in apothecary bottles that is hip and original. On the pricey side? You bet! Worth it? You decide!

Rich Hippie now has fifteen perfumes in its ever expanding collection: Bliss, Maharishi, Devotion, Rock Star, Rich Hippie, Bohemian Wedding, Spring, The Kiss, Purple Haze, Marrakech, Wild Thing, Kalachakra, Utopia, Nirvana and Psychedelic. While the first nine scents are predominately feminine, the last three are classified as unisex fragrances.

Bliss, my favorite is deeply romantic, uplifting with feminine floral notes of Bulgarian Damascena Rose and Tunisian citrus. Extracts from organically-farmed plants and flowers from all corners of the world including Davana from India, Rose from Bulgaria and Turkey, Vanilla from Madagascar, Citrus from Brazil, spices from east Africa and Orris from Albania combine to make this a world class fragrance, expensive, but world class.

So strap on your Birkenstock's, get your grove on and head over to the Rich Hippie, website where any of the fragrances can be purchased online or from one of my favorite power shopping boutiques, Luscious Cargo.