Thursday, July 26, 2007

Talk a walk in Evan's Garden

The perfumes of Evan's Garden are highly sophisticated scents made only of pure plant essences (no animal musks or synthetic fixatives). You are invited to indulge yourself with scents that are intended to be deeply moving, aesthetic experiences. Explore these aromatherapy perfumes and you may find a signature scent that expresses your individuality and enhances your overall wellbeing on many levels.

Evan's Garden was founded by Evan Johnson in 2000. With a singular goal to create a very diverse collection of the finest natural and organic products for home and body available anywhere, she is known for her strong belief that you should never compromise quality. She is also well known for her personal touch and truly caring about her customers. Evan proclaims that each of their products delivers the power of whole plant nutrition, including nutrients, trace minerals and powerful anti-oxidants.

Evan's Garden takes great pride in offering nine unique fragrances for women in Eau de Perfume and Perfume Oil. Bouquet de Reves (Bouquet of Dreams) is a perfume of delightful surprises. I love the way the notes fade gracefully into each other as though taking a stroll through an English garden. A citrus splash of bergamot and tangerine are backed up with feminine floral notes of jasmine and orange blossoms. The dry down gradually finishes with interesting and surprising notes dominated by the fresh, woody and slightly masculine vetiver notes, and hint of rose and vanilla. Perfect when you want a subtle, delicate daytime fragrance that is not overpowering and promotes a sense of comfort an femininity of a bygone era.

Evan recommends that when you put the perfume on to allow a few minutes for the scent to develop on you. "Each of my true organic perfumes is a fascinating mixture of many plants and tends to have a somewhat different fragrance on different individuals. If you inhale it every little while, you may notice that the scent is going somewhere. Now the flowers are the deeper elements are coming forth. Give the perfume time to get acquainted with you."

Who wants samples?

Additional information and samples are available online from Evan's Garden.