Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jalaine Fragrances

Introducing JALAINE fragrances developed by Jalaine Sommers. (Formally known as Bagutta Life fragrances.)

Like precious stones, perfumes vary in quality. Creating a fragrance that stands apart from the ordinary is costly, time consuming and takes a great deal of patience.
Combining impeccable oils found throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Jalaine has developed a line of fragrances that are alcohol free, allowing the full potency of each scent to be experienced for hours. When Jalaine says that a single drop will last for hours, she is absolutely correct. Her fragrances are pure perfume oils and intensely concentrated packaged in stunning hand-cut Italian glass bottles.

My favorite is Jalaine's Vetiver, a gorgeous deep, dark, delicious blending of Vetiver, patchouli, musk and amber. The dry down is soft, sensual and powdery. It reminds me of oriental tapestries, secret labyrinths and seduction.

Gardenia: Gardenia extract, white musk, Egyptian musk. This emphasizes the ethereal qualities of the blossom, rather than the sweetness of the dominate flower.
Amber: Moroccan amber, hints of 3 different white musks. Seductive, mesmerizing rendition of amber's wilder side tempered with soft, clean musk.
Vetiver: Patchouli, sandalwood, musk, amber. Ceremonial, sparkling blend that's definitely not your everyday vetiver, but sweeter.
Citrus Dream
: Sweet orange, grapefruit, musk. A delicious burst of citrus, sunny and beguiling for a summer day.
: Tunisian Patchouli, musk, vanilla. Muted, mystical, magical with a chocolate drydown. Warning: This is for women, not little girls.
: French vanilla, vanilla musk. Rather foody, not especially creative, but super long lasting.
Ocean: Oceanic oils, lily of the valley, musk. Sheer, luminous, like a chiffon veil blowing in a South Pacific breeze.
Silk: White amber, vanilla, marine notes. Soft, buttery elegance with a twist on vanilla.
Green Tea: Extract of two different teas. I love the citrus note that opens this tea blend. It has unfortunately been compared with Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea. So not true! This has incredible lasting power and is one of the best tea fragrances I've worn so far this summer.

Available at Lucky Scent and online at Jalaine.