Sunday, July 22, 2007

Spawned in the azure lagoons of the South Pacific, black pearls are the magnificent result of a unique collaboration between humans and mother nature, so too are the fine products of Black Pearl Botanicals.

Founded in 2001 by Jill Gibbs this line of wild crafted, 100% essential oil fragrances will have you saying "YES" to"NO."

Let me explain: NO Chemically Modified or Artificial Ingredients, NO Synthetic Preservatives, NO Artificial Dyes, NO Fragrance Oils, NO Phthalates, NO Mineral Oil, NO Lanolin, NO Methyl, Propyl, Butyl, or Ethyl Parabens, NO Synthetic Emollients, NO Synthetic Oleochemical or Petrochemical Detergents, NO Animal Testing, NO Adulteration!! Believing in 100% full disclosure on the ingredients in her products, Jill provides detailed information on usage and storage of Black Pearl Botanicals.

Rejuvenation: Is a zesty invigorating citrus scent. It is sparkling, fun, sporty, fresh, green and spicy. This perfume is stimulating and will help evoke mental clarity, confidence and youthful energy. Both men and women can wear this fragrance.
Vitality: Can be described as soft, sweet, fruity and vibrant anchored with Sandalwood. It is fun, flirty, and very feminine. Fantastic for those who are feeling bored and in a rut.
Paradise: Is soft, warm, rich, voluptuous, tropical, exotic, floral, citrus with a hint of vanilla to round out the blend. Its rich in these aphrodisiacs: ylang-ylang, neroli also known as orange-flower, vanilla, rosewood and cardamom. This perfume is sure to spice up your love life!
Is like walking through a forest with sun warmed pine needles. The aroma is sweet, woody, balsamic, soft and warm. One of the key ingredients is fir balsam which has a Christmas Tree aroma. The scent gives one confidence and strength during stressful times. This fragrance was designed for both women and men.
Joy: Is Black Pearl Botanicals #1 best seller. It is rare to find an all natural gardenia themed perfume. The aroma is sweet, sensual, sexy, soft, velvety, euphoric, romantic, floral with a hint of coconut.
Indulgence: Can best be described as divine, delicious, velvety, feminine, soft, intoxicating and floral. This perfume has four known aphrodisiacs that elicit feelings of confidence, sensuality, fantasy, relaxation and fun.