Friday, June 29, 2007

Inspired by the scents and history of her beloved Napa Valley, food writer and perfume creator Susan Costner-Kenwood launched this line of finely crafted, remarkable fragrances. Creating this fragrance along with her husband, wine executive Tor Kenward, Cielo is a fragrance that comes straight from California's lush Napa Valley, truly one of the world's most enchanting destinations and truly heaven on earth. With each spritz of Cielo fragrance, a love story unfolds of golden hillsides, oak trees and warm afternoon breezes redolent with the essence of sun drenched grape leaves. The fragrance with notes of citrus, grape leaf, jasmine, fig and sandalwood is expertly blended precisely like a fine wine.

EAU DE PARFUM The original scent that started our company, inspired by vineyards and hillsides of the California wine country. Fresh on the top (Daphne), warm in the middle (grapeleaf, fig and honey), seductive on the finish (oak and sandalwood). Unmistakably alluring. 50 ML

CIELO SOAP French triple-milled soap. All vegetable base with shea butter. Earthy, sparkling green Cielo fragrance.

CANDLES Earthy-green aroma transports you to hillsides of vineyards and oak trees. Simple clean scent, clean burning with a non-lead wick. A unisex scent packaged for gift giving or to indulge yourself. Create an atmosphere of luxurious comfort in your home with this warm and richly glorious scent of a Napa Valley vineyard on a golden autumn afternoon. Notes of sweet daphne, grape leaf, honey suckle, fig leaf, honey, oak, sandalwood.

Available at Lucky Scent

Thursday, June 28, 2007

News flash from Kaponga
New NUTS are ready for you!

Noteworthy Fragrances is very pleased to announce the arrival of six new NUTS for your cream perfume pleasure!

Six new delightful and playful summer scents that the world has been waiting for have finally arrived and can be purchased online right this instant. Your shipment will normally arrive within 2-4 business days. Kaponga cream perfumes contain a concentration of at least 20% essential oils making them last a long, long time, are priced to be affordable and come with a satisfaction guarantee! And Kaponga NUTS are packaged in containers made in a refreshingly different, environmentally friendly way and from a renewable source. All packaging material as purchased as residual wood from small mills. And, every effort is made to buy raw materials from suppliers meeting the criteria set out by the Forest Stewardship Council whose mandate is to promote environmentally appropriate, socially responsible, and economically viable management of the world's forests. 'Just makes me want to hug you!! (I'm wearing the Honey Vanille layered with the Apricot Chypre...oh that heavenly.) Click on over to Kaponga and get your own new'll be glad you did and you'll have your own tiny tree to hug!

(Previous post from May 31st)
Fragrances for an active lifestyle

A customer's letter to Kaponga:
"Dear Kaponga,

Nuts #13 just arrived and I must say with lighting speed as I only ordered it a few days ago. Forgive the gushing, but the fragrance in your cream perfume transported me from my 'no window view' cramped office to a tropical sunny beach, sand castles, Mai Tai's and I'm being attended to by a gorgeous cabana boy!!

I sure had no idea your product came with these added luxuries! Where have you been all my life? Seriously, thanks for making such a fun product that's good for my skin and smells so delicious. Your marketing designer is a genius; the cute little wooden container looks just like ... a nut! Oh I get it! Anyway, I'll be looking forward to trying all the other nut's so hurry and get them finished, okay? Now, where's that cabana boy?"

Based in Southern California, Kaponga, caters to active lifestyle enthusiasts and to people all over the world who share an appreciation for natural, effective and affordable personal care products. Kaponga cream perfume is big on luxury without being big on price!

For those of you well read and traveled in the South Pacific, you will recognize the fast-growing Kaponga brand of cream perfumes as a Maori term for 'fern' and the little flightless Kiwi bird as being indigenous to New Zealand. Both the fern and the kiwi are well regarded emblems of New Zealand.

Fun-loving New Zealanders are also known for creating some unusual outdoor lifestyle activities such as jumping off really high things or rolling down hills inside a ball called zorbing. Which, by the way, is not why they called their product 'nuts', although it couldn't possibly hurt.

So where did this quirky, fun loving company come up with 'nuts'? According to Mary Johnston, founder and president of Kaponga, "The first prototype container looked like an acorn to several younger members of our focus group. And before long, they became affectionately referred to as nuts." This convenient little wooden container goes everywhere you do and since the perfume is a cream consistency, no worries about leaking or bottles breaking!

Product Description
Natural essential oils with top notes of pepper; middle
notes of coriander, jasmine, rose and, base notes of elemi wood, sandalwood, amber, vanilla and musk. Apply the parfum to your pulse points: behind the ears; on both arms; and you could even dab a little anywhere you want to drive your lover nuts! The refreshing notes of green tea and gardenia are not at all heavy to wear and perfect for my dry skin leaving no greasiness or residue.

Kaponga is all about temptations and coming soon are the following new nuts! Melon d'eau, Apricot chypre, Mango pourdre', Honey Vanille, Jasmine floriental and Lavender terrior. Show some mercy Kaponga!

These will be incredible additions to the 'nuts' family and I can hardly wait for them to launch, so hurry...please.

Kaponga products can be purchased on-line or at fun and fine retail boutiques around the world. Read more about the Kaponga story here!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pecksniff's ~A preponderance of perfectly - practical - pretty - perfumes and products
That might be a 'tongue twister', but it's what you'll be chanting once you try the luscious aromas from Pecksniff's, one of Britain's finest family owned fragrance houses.

Pecksniff's invites you to "step into a world of pure pampering and fragrant indulgence. Pecksniff's understands the role of fragrance in helping you to convey your style and mood. It is the invisible veil that inspires and reassures."
Body Care
For Him
For the Home
Mood Therapy
Essential Oils
Fragrant Remedies

Unique to Pecksniff's philosophy: "When you choose to buy, you can do so with complete confidence in our Pecksniff's guarantee. Every product is covered by our 'no quibble' exchange, even if it has been used."

Who Wants Samples?
The ultimate collection of all six women's Eau de Parfum was inspired by their belief that fragrance can mirror our personalities, and enhance the clothes we chose to wear. From cool and grown up for the office, to giggly and flirtatious for a party, each fragrance has been created with its own personality and style.

The complete line of Pecksniff's products is available online at Pecksniff's or selected items at Luscious Cargo.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Competing with the giants ~ elizabethW
The spirit of determination and independence. A romantic nature and classic elegance. Unique and original bath, body, and home fragrance gifts from San Francisco's favorite perfumery. Such is the inspiration for elizabethW the perfumery of Albert Nichols and Michael Lindsay.

Formerly an architect, Albert Nichols has named his line of fragrances after Elizabeth Wightman, his great-grandmother and the matriarch of the family. Tucked away in the city by the bay is a gorgeous little boutique in San Francisco that produces some of the finest scented products in the world. Partnering with this creative 'nose' is London born Michael Lindsey who maintains the relentless vision of making elizabethW a globally known company. With the successful launch of elizabethW in London just last month, I'd say Michael is right on track with his goals.

An elegant and sophisticated line of perfumes, creams, home fragrance candles, bath products, and drawer liners are handcrafted in their workshop and include silk and linen drawer liners featured on Oprah's 'favorite things' travel sets and travel candles, lingerie bags, eau de parfum, and oh so much more. In addition to being loved by Oprah, some of the most prestigious hotels and boutiques in the world carry elizabethW.

Being a southern gal from Texas, I love my Sweet Tea. And now one of favorite summer favorites is also one of my favorite fragrances. Cool notes of Black tea, brightened with Amalfi lemons and sweetened with golden almond honey. You could wear this everyday and never tire of it. Sweet Tea nirvana is directly ahead for me!
There is however one huge drawback for me with this fragrance. I want to slice about a dozen lemons and fill my jacuzzi with this stuff but I can't figure out how to order that much perfume. This is scent is very powerful, sexy and although you won't be pouring this sweet tea over ice, you will love how it cools you down on a hot summer day. You have notes of black tea with lemon from start to finish that is sweetened with almond blossom honey. It's uncomplicated, straight forward and incredibly long lasting!

The Butterfly Collection of scented candles and room sprays brings the garden indoors. Featuring Tomato, Parsley, Asparagus topped with a Lime dressing. Does it get more creative than this?

The entire collection, packaged and presented in a gracious and refined manner is available at many prestigious boutiques as well as online.

Visiting the elizabethW website is an extremely enjoyable experience that I highly recommend. Additional information on the entire line of fragrant gifts and perfumes is available at

Monday, June 11, 2007

Noteworthy News Flash!

The fine folks at Floris of London fragrances are offering all Noteworthy Fragrances readers a very special "Let's celebrate summer" promotion. Any items purchased between now and June 30th will receive a discount of 15%.

And don't forget, Floris let's you sample free!

Add the promo code: "NOTES 15%" in the special instruction box at the end of the last page of the ordering process. When the order ships and the credit card is charged, the discount will be applied accordingly.

Tempting you with a fresh and welcome change of fragrance pace is Floris of London Limes. A vibrant, zesty and freshingly delicate scent of the Lime Blossom of the Linden tree. A fresh and reviving citrus fragrance that powerfully evokes memories of a lemon groves in the Mediterranean.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

What a girl Ava Luxe
Quite honestly the best site in the entire world to try over 125 different, delicious, daring fragrances. These are not the 'pour from one bottle to another' single note oils that you can buy off the internet. These are thoughtfully and artistically custom blended scents that you'll fall head over heals in love with created by Serana Ava Franco who has quickly gained a reputation of one of the finest private perfumers on the internet. All of her fragrances and body care products are hand crafted and are made to order. Her products are of the highest quality and are reasonably priced. Serana also offers custom blending to satisfy your ultimate fragrance desires.

Fragrances at Ava Luxe are grouped by category for ease of sellection. Here's what you can expect to find at Ava Luxe and my personal recommendations:

Chypre ~ BIBA ~ A dark blend of spices and sensual woods. Powerful and heady!
Floral ~ HEART OF GLASS ~ Intoxication in a bottle! Tuberose, musk and star jasmine.
Fresh ~ WHITE TEA ~ Light, breezy and sophisticated with a touch of lemon. Fruity ~ FORBIDDEN FRUITS ~ Mysterious with cinnamon, red pepper and pomegranate.
Gourmand ~ VANILLA APRICOT ~ Fruit Ambrosia Salad. Serve it with a spoon.
Green/Herbal ~ JOHRI ~ Perfectly blended Unisex scent of lemon, fig, sandalwood and more.
Musk ~ WILD BLACKBERRY MUSK~ Magical, juicy, and...well the name says it all.
Oriental ~ VAMP ~ Satisfy your inner Vamp with Cashmere musk and spices.
Spice ~ QUEEN BESS ~ Honeyed roses, black tea fit for a Queen!
Tropical ~ VENUS SANDS ~ Conjure up a personal island escape with florals and incense.
Wood/Incense ~ FIRE WOOD ~ Warm, cozy scent of a crackling fire...sweet and smoky.
Vintage ~ Oh! de London type ~ Bergamot, nutmeg and musk take you back to the 60's.
Luxe Edition ~ VIVA ~ Divine decadence! Black coconut and gardenia...this should be illegal!

Most scents available in Parfum Extrait, Eau de Parfum, Body Lotion, Cream and Liquid Body Powder. Some scents are also available by request in a Liquid Splash.

Individual samples are available on the main page for each Ava Luxe fragrance. Trust me on tell yourself you're just going to try 1 or 2 and before you know own the entire collection of samples. It's the perfect way to 'try before you buy' and you'll have a different scent to wear everyday for at least 4 months without a repeat.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Renee ~ Innovative Fragrances

The reward of following your dream

What would it take for you to leave behind the comforts, prestige and paycheck of a high profile, highly successful career and follow your heart with no guarantee that you'd ever be successful? Renee Griffith, founder and owner of Renée Innovative Fragrances took such a leap of faith and has landed in a unique circle of perfume entrepreneurs with an established clientele of devoted followers.

It all began after a romantic holiday to Bali with her finance. Each evening as they would walk back to their room Renee noticed a small white tuberose blossom imparting a scent like nothing she had ever experienced before. Taking a single blossom and placing it on her pillow, the humidity and warmth of the air released this fragrance filling the room. Renee know from that moment that she must create this special scent for her wedding day. It is still a closely guarded secret and is not part of her collection available for the public. It calls forth a very personal and intimate memory of her wedding day. As a memento of this special occasion, she custom blended her wedding fragrance which she decanted into antique vials that were presented in handmade boxes as gifts. The response was overwhelming and Renée realized that women were captivated by inspired scents they could personally relate to.

Women who wear these fragrances are looking for something classic, but unusual and not a copy of a mass-marketed scent worn by millions. They want to say, "This is my fragrance. Not something that everyone else wears." Endless experiments in her Melbourne kitchen evolved into a self-named boutique collection of perfume, body lotions, soaps and scented candles.

Mediterranean Lily, my favorite of her seven fragrances, is a bouquet of soft white blooms of waterlilies, lys blanc, gardenias and jasmine are interlaced with the freshness of Italian bergamot and the sensuality of sandalwood. I'm definitely getting a picture of walking in a Mediterranean garden on a sunny day when the warm summer breeze carries the scent of wild flowers through the air. Sophisticated and elegant! Super feminine. I wore this to lunch with friend recently and her response was, "Where you just on tropical smell go good." The thing I like best about this's not overpowering and does not scream LILY!! It's perfectly blended and lasts for hours. Following is additional information about each fragrance. Source is from Renée's website:

  • Amber Seductive and sensual, Amber combines notes of earthy vetiver, musk and tolu with tea, ginger, cardamom and lime leaves for a rich, warm scent that is truly exotic and intensely captivating.

  • L'eau L'eau is the French word for Water. Sheer, clean and soft it’s a dreamy, soothing scent as pure as fresh spring water and ethereal as crystalline mountain air beckoning you to breathe it. Green leaves, air and water are sprinkled with nutmeg, spearmint and basil and cool mint resting on delicate rose and violet feuilles and dewy oakmoss gives a subtle “anytime” scent that is sparklingly refreshing.

  • Mediterranean Lily A sublime bounty of soft white blooms of waterlilies, lys blanc, gardenias and jasmine are interlaced with the freshness of italian bergamot and the sensuality of sandalwood transporting you to a magical Mediterranean garden on a sunny day when the warm summer breeze carries the scent of wild flowers through the air. Sophisticated and elegant, super feminine.

  • Snowpeach Dreamily delicious, Snowpeach is a luscious, mouth-watering blend of ripe peaches combined with notes of green leaves, delicate orange blossom. Zesty white grapefruit adds a hint of sparkle while seductive undertones of mulberry, hyacinth and musk emerge to further tantalize the senses.

  • Tuberose An exotic white floral of alluring and intoxicating tuberose flowers combined with freshness of bergamot, sweet orange blossom, seductive ylang ylang are laced with sensual undertones of musk, amber, moss and vanilla.

  • Musk Fresh top notes of Italian bergamot, french lavender and sweet orange are blended with exotic spice and the freshness of woody rose de mai, but the real character of the fragrance lies in the base which embodies the warmth and sensuality of creamy musks, earthen woods, amber and the richness of tonka and vanilla.

  • Jasmine Jasmine begins with a sparkling blend of bergamot, mandarin, cassis and leafy vines combined with lusciously sweet french jasmine, exotic ylang ylang, tuberose and elegant bulgarian rose unveiling a smooth, mellow base of oakmoss, patchouli, vanilla, tonka, amber and a hint of musk.
Renée perfumes are packaged in chic white boxes tied with black grosgrain ribbon. They may be purchased online at A delightful gift pack of all seven fragrances is available.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Scent by Alexis

When you tire of the 'just like everyone else' scents and you want truly unique fragrances presented in museum quality packaging...they you are ready for Scent by Alexis!
From glamour to goth, Alexis Karl has launched a collection of scents inspired by the way elixirs and potions were developed in ancient Greece and Egypt. Everything about Scent by Alexis is made by hand. From the custom blending of perfumed oils to the gilding of the
intricate bottles...each piece is a treasure!

Scent by Alexis ~ Hand blended perfumed oils are luscious mixtures of essential and fragrance oils presented in hand gilded antique perfume bottles and ornate silver lockets. Each bottle is laboriously hand gilded with gold and rare hand dyed leafs. The gold leaf is the thinnest, most delicate form that gold can take. After gilding, it is then baked with a varnish. You'll want to display these bottles in a prominent place they are so beautiful.

An Ivy League-educated, classically trained painter, who
received her masters from the New York Academy of Art and studied the fine art of gilding at Palazzo Massimo in Rome, Alexis Karl has marked her presence in the New York art scene with her seven-foot tall realistic paintings of nude women, painted from life.

Everything about Scent By Alexis, is made by hand, from the mixing of the perfumed oils to the gilding of the bottles.The design of the line is based on the idea that each piece is a treasure. It's an artistic and old world approach to a modern must-have. From her website comes these intriguing and delicious descriptions.

Amber, vanilla, and gardenia work together to create White Sable, a soft, creamy, warm scent with a hint of spice. Soft, trance-like, and seductive, it carries us into a painting by Manet, or aFragonard nude.

Minx is pure seduction, pure sexuality. Chocolate, merlot, and fig blend to create a scent that is sensual and dark, like great Cognac by a fire...

Amber, freesia, vanilla, and florals blend to create Venus in Furs, a truly elegant, warm and cold scent, like an 18th-century powdered woman at the opera: beauty mark, pastel silks, satins, brocades, coquettish smiles, petit fours.

Queen Bitch i
s a haughty and sophisticated scent, a strong, bold and sweet blend of narcissus, chocolate, and orange blossom. A bejeweled queen winks at a lover, who awaits at the feet of her throne.

Goddess is elegance, sweetness, pure femininity. Vanilla notes enwrap you in warmth, while jasmine dances with dashes of citrus. You are Isis, Aphrodite, Venus, Athena.

The violet notes of Courtesan
flirt seductively with green tea and orchid. It is a fragrance full of subtle desires and dangerous promises.

Femme Fatale, spired by the Hollywood of the 1930s, is deadly delectable. Spicy ambers mingle with nutmeg and ylang-ylang, while hints of jasmine playfully linger with vanilla and a mélange of secret ingredients...

"Why you little Vixen," he utters under his breath, as the trail of your scent -- rich Ethiopian coffee, dry red currant, juicy blackberries -- entices his memory. You smile and walk away.

Aristocratic Duchess rules over regal hints of pear and decadent chocolate which play haughtily with elegant linden blossom.

Please contact for additional information.

Alexis is very responsive to all inquiries and every detail of your order will have her personal trademark of elegance.

Samples are available upon request.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Anniversaries are meant to be remembered, so to the Natural Perfumers Guild, we congratulate you and we acknowledge the success of your new name and your new home on the internet!

Under the direction of Anya McCoy owner of Anya's Garden of Natural Perfume the guild is "a consortium of international perfumers, associates, suppliers and enthusiasts dedicated to perfumes made with natural aromatics."

"The main principle of the Guild is to exalt and encourage the use of natural botanicals in perfume and toiletries. Standards of excellence in creating natural perfumes are demanded and met by our perfumers. We encourage you to sample these handmade artisan products, luxuriously experiencing the beauty of nature, captured in a bottle."

Joining the Guild in the past year are eighty-eight members including Prodarom Grasse Institute of Perfumery, Jeanne Rose, Lizz Zorn, Strange Invisible Perfumes, Sharini Perfumes, Robert Tisserand, Alchemical Solutions, Allured Publishing, and many other Perfumers, Associates and Enthusiasts. The Guild was founded by author and perfumer Mandy Aftel in 2002, closed it briefly for business reorganization, and reopened under the ownership of Anya McCoy in 2006. An online free educational adjunct of the Guild is the Yahoo group of more than 1200 members that McCoy hosts at and anyone interested in natural perfumery is welcome to join.

Noteworthy Fragrances has recently spotlighted these members of the Natural Perfumers Guild: Liz Zorn and Lisa Fong.

If you'd like more information about members of the Natural Perfumers Guild, please click here.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The day I joined a cult!
Now, before you get all nervous about the title of today's post...

The word cult comes from the French culte, and is rooted in the Latin cultus, which means "care" and "adoration." The People of the Labyrinths have certainly taken 'cult following' to a new level. You either love Luctor et Emergo or you don't!

The word 'cult' was used in the sense of "to worship or give reference to a deity."
Considered to have the number #1 cult following of niche fragrances, Luctor et Emergo, the inspired 'one in a million' fragrances by The People of the Labyrinths is noted as a combination of grass and wood smells, overlaid by vanilla, cherries, almonds and incense. The flask-shaped bottle comes wrapped in a hand-dyed silk scarf and tucked in a velveteen box.

Luctor et
Emergo launched in 1998, was finally joined this year by A*maze. This new charmer is described via Lucky Scent as: Henna, Saffron, Taif Rose, Orange Blossom, Ward
ia Rose, Agarwood, Sandalwood, Musk and Civet. I'll share my impressions about A*maze in a couple of weeks. I'm still in the 'review it for myself' stage.

The motto of the Dutch province of Zeeland, which was hit by terrible floods in 1953, is Luctor et emergo from the Latin , 'I struggle and I emerge'. The most horrific flood occurred in 1717 during the night of Christmas. 14,000 casualties were reported with untold destruction of property. Is it any wonder that the coat of arms pictures a lion standing waist deep in waster struggling to hold on to Zeeland and rescue its people.

Comments heard in the Labyrinths: Luctor et Emergo

"The more I wear this the more I fall in love with it!
Beautifully complex and intriguing.
Play-doh in a bottle.
Now I adore it.
Reminds me of babies.
Can't stop smelling myself to see what has changed!
Wow! This smells incredible!
It lacks complexity on my skin.
Truly the most indescribable fragrance I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing.
Luctor et Emergo is a mood ring in a bottle.
What's with all the hype? Phew!
The cherry thing at the beginning was a bit much.
Shockingly beautiful. Possibly the most intoxicating, gorgeous scent I've ever owned.
Is there morphine in this? I hate it and love it at the same time, and THIS MAKES NO SENSE!"

There's no straddling the fence on this one, but personally I couldn't get enough. My small sample will be carefully metered out one drop at a time until my next package from Lucky Scent arrives.

Samples are available at Luscious Cargo, and Lucky Scent

Monday, June 4, 2007

When you gotta gotta go.
Power shopping that is - to Suravi

Here's a fragrance boutique that is calling my name. A true Power Shopping experience - Suravi is an exclusive fragrance boutique in Riverview, FL. Suravi, features such prestigious lines as Miller Harris, Amouage, Montale, Jean Pascal, Creative Universe, and more. The shop’s owner, the very kind Vijay Wadehra, wants you to know that he has one of the biggest collections of Montale fragrances in the U.S. Currently, his products can be purchased directly from his web site (created specifically for Basenotes members, Perfume Critic and Noteworthy Fragrances readers).

A full e-commerce site is coming in the near future.

This glam shop carries two fragrances by Creative Universe. Mare, invigorating and clean like a cool ocean breeze laced with the warm scents of the tropics. A distinctive, refreshing 'guaranteed mood-lifter.' Think of this as your own private desert island in a bottle.

Vita, new from Creative Universe is fresh and buoyant and oh so irresistibly fresh. This blend of fruit and teas is sparkling, modern and perfect everyday scent. Both of these fragrances are perfect for summer, so be sure to stock up now so you won't be disappointed. Offered in 4.2 oz bottles at $61.00.

Looking for something unique and different? Email Vijay with your request or questions and experience a stellar level of customer service.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Agatha ~ Mystery and Seduction

"A a woman of mystery and intrigue.
As she enters the room, all conversations stops. Speaking not a word, she conveys desire. As she departs her fragrance lingers, evoking memories of deep passion and seduction. An unforgettable perfume of mystical powers."

MYSTERY OF AGATHA was created for the modern femme fatale who seeks a fragrance not everyone else is wearing. The fragrance of a free spirit: an elegant, glamorous, mysterious, passionate, and irresistibly seductive woman. It's not uncommon for total strangers to follow me to get close enough to ask me what I'm wearing. When I first wore this, I rushed the 'mellowing' process and thought this might be too worldly for me, but as the floral notes emerge again and again with different nuances each time I find myself wanting more of the mystery.

This magnificent fragrance becomes extraordinary when it mixes with your body chemistry. A floriental that is light, yet very long lasting becoming more and more beautiful as
the day progresses. Many fragrances fade as the hours pass; Mystery of Agatha clings to your skin as though her life depended upon it. This intoxicating fragrance has a top note of a rare citrus from Singapore, unusual florals from the Amazon, Morocco, and Indonesia, strange and exotic woods from the continent of Africa, and spices from the ancient Ottoman Empire. Deep, dark, mysterious.

AGATHA, the signature fragrance of Agatha Brown, is a uniquely splendid fragrance that surrounds a woman in a heavenly scent dominated by top notes of night blooming jasmine and French tuberose. This luscious floral is cherished by the woman of elegance, glamour, and supreme sophistication, and the mid notes of spicy persimmon and passion fruit add a playful seductiveness. The undertones of exotic and strange woods, amber, and myrrh add a passionate richness to this long lasting fragrance that lingers on and on and becomes more beautiful as the day progresses. This original fragrance is for the woman who does not want to smell like the rest of the crowd.

IMPERIAL JADE EMPRESS A passionate and erotic floriental blending of sparkling top notes with subtle Oriental spices, exotic florals and warm woods. Opening with bright crisp notes of Blood Orange, Red Berries, Pear William and Ivy Leaves which blend with Amazon Lily, Night Blooming Jasmine, Cinnamon Leaf and Pink Peppercorn. Adding to the rare complexity of this perfume are base notes of Blonde Cedar Wood, Creamy Sandalwood, Haitian Vetiver, White Patchouli and Cashmere musk. Imperial Jade has a version for the man in your life; Imperial Jade Emperor. Comments found in Agatha's guest book reveal world wide acclaim for not only her fragrances but for her designer line of elegant clothing.

Internationally known New York fashion designer Agatha's elegant boutique features her designer sportswear, coordinated handbags and shoes, Italian knitwear, belts, accessories and her three magnificent fragrances and luxurious bath products. Located in downtown Ornjestad, Aruba in the atrium of the Renaissance Hotel - Seaport Mall. Her designs have been featured in WWD Harpers Barzaar, Vogue Town & Country and Gap Magazine of Italy.

Fashionable women travel from all around the world to visit the elegant Agatha Boutique in Aruba, but you won't have to leave the comforts of home...her products are available online.
An in depth interview by Basenotes is a fascinating read.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Parfums MDCI
Rare parfums ~ Personal works of art

In a r
are collaboration of three inspired fragrance designers comes Parfums MDCI.

It is evident that the opulence of both the French and Italian Renaissance with its tradition of incredible sculptural works, fountains and gardens of antiquity is the inspiration for these fragrances. The flacons that hold this precious liquid are glass columns or pillars found in classical architecture. They are topped with the timeless replication of either a crystal or Limoges porcelain bust, numbered and signed for authenticity. Not only are you offered the finest of fragrances created by the worlds best designers, you can, for a price, own a work of art! This is how Parfums MDCI were born.

As far as fragrances are concerned, "carte blanche" and complete freedom were given to some of the most talented creators in the field of niche perfumes. They were free to explore any direction, to use any components without concern of the price. Only the highest of quality components were used assuring that no animal or plant was endangered. Francis Kurkdjian a nose of world renown, created the three scents for women and Pierre Bourdon and Stéphanie Bakouche share the spotlight for the men's fragrances.

Promeese de L'Aube ~ Notes: Mandarin, lemon, ylang-ylang, jasmine, sandalwood, tonka bean and vanilla. Top notes of bright mandarin and lemon flirt cozy up with a luxurious bouquets of creamy ylang-ylang and jasmine. Picture yourself on a private island with the tropical sun warming you skin to reveal the basenotes of sandalwood with just the right amount of vanilla to impart a sweetness that makes a lasting impression. Sophisticated enough to satisfy your grown-up side, yet playful, romantic and quite possibly dangerous. This could make you utterly irresistible, so please wear it responsibly.
Rose de Siwa ~ Notes: Lychee, peony, hawthorn, Moroccan and Turkish roses, violet, cedar, musk and vetiver. Named after the flowers of the Siwa Oasis in Egypt. This fragrance could be called "Pretty in Pink" and is definitely a rose fragrance, but on the softer side of roses. A modern violet note emerges that almost overpowers the rose notes...almost like candied violets decorating a wedding cake. Cedar and vetiver temper the closing whisper of musk with an encore of those gorgeous roses appearing for a final kiss.

Enlevement au Serail ~ Notes: Bergamot, mandarin, ylang-ylang, jasmine sambac, tuberose, rose, wallflower, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla and vetiver. Jasmine is definitely the rising star of this exotic blend; it is fresh and gently-spicy in the beginning and opulent and sensual at the middle stage, where it is accompanied by creamy tuberose and ylang-ylang. The composition of this fragrance owes its tenacity to a heady combination of patchouli, Indian sandalwood adding a dark, rich incense character. Enlevement au Serail has a serious following.

Stranded on a desert island, I'd want these samples! Sold as a set of five fragrances, the 10ml samples give you plenty of 'juice' for a serious and lengthy test. The preferred payment is through their Paypal address: or by money order payable to Parfums MDCI.

Contact the witty, wise and wonderful Claude Marchal who is the mastermind behind Parfums MDCI at Please let him know you heard about him from Noteworthy Fragrances. He is an absolute darling. Luckyscent carries the fragrance line in the US.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Immaginal ~ Ancient Mystery

Beyond Forever is inspired by an ancient Egyptian goddess. Hathor weaves a unique and mysterious history about her origination, her power and her influence. Renowned as the goddess of Joy, Love, Music and Beauty, Hathor was deeply loved and revered by Egyptian women, who aspired to embody her multifaceted role as wife, mother, and lover. In this capacity, she gained the titles of Lady of the House of Jubilation, and The One Who Fills the Sanctuary with Joy.

Selected by Madison & Mulholland's Editor in Chief, Jane Ubell-Meyer for inclusion in their VIP gift bags, Beyond Forever was launched to the world and given to the most noted celebrities, directors and producers at the American Pavilion during the Cannes Film Festival. Destined to be one of the most sought after and collectible items presented, Beyond Forever perfume arrives in a beautiful black velveteen box and when removing the cover you are greeted by temple doors of Dendra which when opened reveal Immaginal's golden vessel in 10K gold overlay, nestled inside. The atmosphere is almost sacramental and though you have been transported to another place and time.

Created by Dr. Janet Piedilato, psychologist and designer of Immaginal's spellbinding presence, her collection of scented candles first appeared in her private practice as part of relaxation and individual therapies. The demand by her patients created both the desire and the need to bring this collection to the public.

Beyond Forever inspires and enchants as it takes its place as one of the most unusual quality driven products on the market today. Janet had the esteemed privilege and honor of personally presenting Immaginal's Sacred collection to Jordon's Queen Noor and has been featured in Oprah's Holiday Special magazine edition.

Each Immaginal offering from the Sacred Scent collection is adorned with an image carefully chosen to invoke a special feeling of peace and healing.

Beyond Forever notes: Gardenia, Italian Bergamot and Narcisse mingle with the heart notes of Tuberose, Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine anchored on a base of Orange Blossom and Musk. The overall impression is a very creamy floral without screaming 'gardenia' that flows gracefully to notes of Ylang-Ylang with the Jasmine almost not being perceptible. The conclusion of this fragrance is soft, powdery and whispers an encore of Gardenia. It is quite suitable for daytime wear if you're not heavy handed in your application and very desirable for evening and romance. The soft fragrance of the candles create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and meditation.

Beyond Forever perfume is available in the luxurious and elegant 10k gold-leafed flask, smaller travel sizes, solid scent locket and
four different dreamy scented candles in a variety of sizes including a delightful travel set. Rounding out the collection are embossed note cards, bookmarks with sample vials of perfume and a luxurious couture leather tote made of Italian sheepskin exquisitely embossed with the sacred image of Hathor.

If you're ready to journey into another world, visit Immaginal for additional information. All products and samples are available are online.