Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Floris of London ~ US Website

Noteworthy Fragrances announces the US website for Floris of London

"The new American site has been modified to meet the needs of US customers, with the UK site still carrying much of the extensive historical background about Floris." Debra Courtright brings us this good news about developing their presence and profile in the United States. To celebrate, Floris-US is having a clearance sale party you don't want to miss.

Immersed in the infinite old-world beauty of London, my afternoon had been perfect, and still savoring the elegant High Tea I had just taken in the Rose room at the St. James Hotel in London, I set out to discover the boutique shops on Jermyn street. Red double-decker buses packed with tourists darted through the streets, while taxi's honked and gestured their way through traffic. I was grateful I did not take public transportation and was free to window shop with abandonment. My husband had left earlier with the rest of our tour to watch the changing of the Palace Guard and 'see the Queen'. I was setting out on Jermyn Street to shop like one!

I found a Royal Dalton china cup and saucer that I just had to have for my collection, tins of familiar teas, jams and lemon curd would also be going home as gifts. Lovely stationary, little vintage pop-up cards and calligraphy pens joined the shopping bags on my arms. I had to reward myself for finding such great selections so I purchased three dark chocolate truffles to be enjoyed with immediate gratification. What a way to experience London.

Being the ever curious person I am, I kept walking on Jermyn Street just to make sure I hadn't missed anything and found my 'heaven on earth'. Floris of London, located at 89 Jermyn Street, is a voyage into the past! Imagine the essence of beautifully crafted fragrances greeting you as you open the door. Imagine the immaculately spotless, gleaming Spanish mahogany counters, the glowing chandeliers and the very proper sales staff nodding politely, not aggressively, but letting you have your personal space just to appreciate the beauty surrounding you. With only a few minutes left before I'd have to return to the hotel lobby to meet our touring group, I was frantic to decide what to sample first and purchase. So when in doubt, I immediately tried the Rose scents of this historical floral perfumer.

Floris of London is one of the world's most traditional perfume makers, established in 1730 by Juan Famenias Floris. After securing
premises in London`s St.James, Juan initially set up business as a barber and comb-maker, however, he soon missed the aromas and sensations of his Mediterranean youth. In an attempt to put form to these memories he began blending oils, essences and fixatives, transported from Europe, into the first Floris fragrances. His timeless creations, nine generations later have made Floris of London the ongoing official perfumer of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the supplier of toiletries to the Prince of Wales.

This perfumer is so
steeped in history that staff continue to practice vintage/old world charm practices without a second thought. One of the most endearing of these goes back to the late 19th century when Floris began to accept cash as well as account customers. It was then considered rude to give customers dirty or crumpled change, so all coins were scrubbed clean and paper notes were ironed flat. Because my purchase was made with Visa, (never visit London with out it!) I didn't enjoy the time honored tradition of having 'scrubbed coins' returned in my change. Next time for sure!

Floris China Rose, is a warm, romantic and sophisticated scent. A complex bouquet of exotic roses, very sweetly oriental, it is a fragrance of seduction. Though originally created to appeal to women who love strong fragrances, I didn't find it overbearing in the least. "The China Rose woman adores romance, it suits her voluble nature and like the fragrance, she is complex, often mysterious, but always sophisticated and self-assured." Reminds me of "Scent of a Woman," where Al Pacino's character said he could pick out a woman wearing a Floris fragrance.

Floris Rose Geranium, a classic, was first introduced by Floris in 1890
when Pink Geranium was added to an existing Geranium. Floris Rose Geranium are inseparable - an almost holistic fragrance with warn hints of rose, this is a very calming scent. The Bath Oil leaves my skin cocooned in delicate petals and luxuriously soft.

The entire catalog of Floris of London products is vast and includes Tuberose, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Malmaison, and Gardenia fragrances just to name several. These are available in the 50ml and 100ml Eau de Toilette Atomizer, as well as Ead de Parfum, Bath and Body luxury products, Shampoo, Shaving, Linen Sprays and so much more. Free samples are always shipped when you order the catalog!!

The candles Floris of London features delight you on two sensory levels, both visual and aromatic. Each candle is carefully blended and contains a high level of pure fragrance to ensure quality aroma throughout the entire room. Before you leave on your next vacation, be sure to check where Floris of London products are available throughout the world. They're closer than you think! www.florislondon.com

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Florascent Fragrances

Captivatingly beautiful and natural, Florascent fragrances are delicate floral waters made by combining pure organic essential oils and absolutes, aromatic waters with organic plant and fruit alcohol to create unique and romantic scent combinations that will have you wanting the entire collection.

Precious, natural raw materials produce unique, standout scents, which are hand-bottled, hand-sealed, and packed in unique handmade paper containers.

Florascent was founded in Germany in the mid 1990's. A lot goes into making each bottle of fragrance. Perfumer Roland Tentunian has combined his technical skills and superior sense of smell to revive the traditional art of 17th century perfumery.

During this time, leather gloves were quite fashionable in the royal courts. Acids used in the tanning process gave the gloves a bitter nose stinging acrid smell. Lest you think that perfuming gloves was a strange thing to do, you may want to read exactly how leather used to be tanned. No wonder glove makers searched for a solution to a stinky problem.

Long before Grasse, France, became the perfume capital of the world, it was widely known for glove making. The odor from curing the leather was so offensive that it had to be covered up. The glove makers started to sell fragrant oils along with the gloves. Each customer was now able to have their gloves scented in a fragrance of their choice.

At the time, King Philippe Auguste granted glove makers the exclusive privilege to "prepare perfumes. creams and unguents." For centuries, tanneries, which were Grasse's principal activity, used myrtle and lentisque powders to give their leather a green color and exceptionally fine quality. It wasn't long before a number of them changed their focus entirely from glove making to perfumes, as their fragrant waters became increasingly popular among ladies and gentlemen of the nobility.

Umami: The fifth taste? It’s usually stated that the human tongue can detect only four basic tastes: sweet, sour, bitter and salty, and that all tastes are combinations of these but in recent years some scientists have added a fifth taste, umami, to the other four. It’s sometimes associated with a feeling of perfect quality in a taste, or of some special emotional circumstance in which a taste is experienced. It is also said to involve all the senses, not just that of taste. There’s more than a suggestion of a spiritual or mystical quality about the word. Explore the embodiment of umami in this delightful fragrance with a strange sounding name.

Umami Notes: Succulent yuzu and delicious vanilla mix with pimento, ginger, osmanthus, tonka bean and sandalwood for a scent that's truly a delicious 'almost culinary' delight. This is a very creamy light scent that just melts into your skin. It is a remarkably long lasting fragrance with just the right amount of vanilla. Definitely not in the gourmand family although the pimento note keeps it slightly elevated on the spicy side.

Umami belongs to the Aqua Composita thematic scent compositions. All fragrances by Florascent are similar in strength to an eau de toilette, but are surprisingly very long lasting. Try Umami for yourself! You truly may have discovered your new 'fifth taste' in a signature fragrance.

A great place to find all of the Florascent fragrances and so much more is a delightful store called Saffron Rouge Organic Boutique located in the Old Quebec Street Shoppes 55 Wyndham Street North, Guelph, Ontario or visit them online. All products purchased from Saffron Rouge Organic Boutique come with a 60 day guarantee that if you don't love it, you can leave it!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Andy Tauer
The Lonestar Memories Maker

Andy Tauer is both a gentleman and a genius when it comes to blending exotic, daring and provocative notes together. His creations include Le Maroc pour Elle, L'Air du Desert Marocan, Reverie au Jardin and Lonestar Memories. Andy Tauer has secured his place in the niche hall of fame with a cult following of admiring fragrance lovers. Humble, unassuming, honest and generous, he exudes an extreme confidence without being haughty. He's witty, playful and a very creative writer as expressed in his own blog.

I presented
Lonestar Memories to my husband and asked him to tell me what he thought of the fragrance. Before I could advise him to wait the obligatory 2-3 minutes post-spritz, his nose was buried in his forearm and when he came up for air, there was a pained expression on his face. Entreating him not to rush to judgment, I asked him to give it a chance to settle down and warm to his chemistry. Here was my perfect opportunity to try Lonestar Memories myself and make note comparisons. One spritz was perfectly metered out on my arm and of course being a perfumista in training, I did wait the appropriate time and then a deep inhalation announces..."Andy, you have this blended this very complex fragrance to perfection." My chemistry welcomed the smokey/sweet notes of birch tar, jasmine and tonka while my husband reflected the woody notes of cedar, vetiver and sandalwood. It was unanimous, we both loved this! Snuggle time that evening blended them even better. (wink)

My memory was immediately taken back to a summer vacation at Latigo Dude Ranch in Kremmling Colorado. Picture this scene: The evening ride takes you by horseback to a mountain ridge overlooking a stand of aspen to witness a breathtaking sunset. Already the air is heavy with dew, the sweetness of the native grasses and evergreens surround you with deep aromas reminiscent of cathedral incense. As we dismount, our guide has prepared a campfire and our 'cowboy' coffee. The wind picks up a bit and the smoke reaches out with small embers bursting in the air. The air becomes even heavier as night approaches and millions of stars make their debut in the sky. Even after the memory of our vacation has faded,
Lonestar Memories is the fragrant microcosm of this experience. Thanks for the memories Andy!

Unafraid to use the unusual; Geranium, Carrot seed, Clary sage, Birch tar, Cistus, Jasmine, Cedar wood, Myrrh, Tonka, Vetiver and Sandalwood bring wave after wave of olfactory emotion in this incredibly long lasting fragrance.

Andy's fragrances are available at: LuiLei, Lucky Scent, First in Fragrance and the charming Eie Flud.
Reverie au Jardin be reviewed in the near future.

Friday, July 27, 2007

ILONA ~ A love story born in Hungary

At first mist, WITHIN enchants the senses with a floral effusion. As mysterious as the name implies, WITHIN is waiting to express its inner beauty with floral accords that reincarnate the essence of every blossom and flower.

Ilona Makari created WITHIN to represent a personal beauty within every woman and this complex floral scent makes a stunning debut emerging with notes of soft pink cyclamen, delicate African rose petals, fully bloomed pink peony, with a hint of passion flower and a dash of sweet clementine. This floral bouquet is enlivened with suggestions of English ivy leaf and Italian mandarin nectar. Minutes later, deeper notes take center stage with white orris, high mountain jasmine, blue hyacinth and gardenia petals are anchored with Australian boronia flower, authentic teak wood and a sheer sensual musk. WITHIN is unmistakably feminine, unyielding alluring and undeniably sensuous. Definitely not your 'little girl' fragrance, this should be worn by a very secure woman who's not timid! Limited to three products, WITHIN is available in eau de parfum, perfumed body lotion and scented candles. Ilona keeps it simple and keeps it wonderful!

I've been holding back this review back until I thought I had a better understanding on how this fragrance kept evolving on my skin. Since I've gained more confidence in how designers achieve such complex fragrance blending, my conclusion is: this is a very sophisticated floral perfume that refused to be ignored by me. I was hoping for something just a little more 'sweet' to come forth and finally my patience was rewarded when the gardenia notes were fully bloomed and that juicy tart citrus clementine engaged in a seductive slow dance with peony while the rose petals looking on and blushed. This scent is slow to develop, takes a few detours in the journey, but in the end I was rewarded with a beautiful, mysterious and very long lasting scent.

The founder, Ilona also has an amazing skin care line that was actually developed first. She owns a very prestigious Day Spa in the very upscale Cherry Creek shopping district in Denver, Colorado. Several years ago, while Christmas shopping, I happened to visit her salon. All I can say is, "breathtaking luxury" and had I not been sharing a ride with my best friend, I'd surely have spent the rest of the day and my entire shopping budget enjoying the pampering treatments offered. Founded by a Hungarian immigrant, Ilona Makari, the spa offers authentic European facials using their exclusive products line to its devoted clientele. Miss Ilona herself still can be found behind the counter, examining the work of her experienced team of aestheticians.
WITHIN is available online at www.ilona.com

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Talk a walk in Evan's Garden

The perfumes of Evan's Garden are highly sophisticated scents made only of pure plant essences (no animal musks or synthetic fixatives). You are invited to indulge yourself with scents that are intended to be deeply moving, aesthetic experiences. Explore these aromatherapy perfumes and you may find a signature scent that expresses your individuality and enhances your overall wellbeing on many levels.

Evan's Garden was founded by Evan Johnson in 2000. With a singular goal to create a very diverse collection of the finest natural and organic products for home and body available anywhere, she is known for her strong belief that you should never compromise quality. She is also well known for her personal touch and truly caring about her customers. Evan proclaims that each of their products delivers the power of whole plant nutrition, including nutrients, trace minerals and powerful anti-oxidants.

Evan's Garden takes great pride in offering nine unique fragrances for women in Eau de Perfume and Perfume Oil. Bouquet de Reves (Bouquet of Dreams) is a perfume of delightful surprises. I love the way the notes fade gracefully into each other as though taking a stroll through an English garden. A citrus splash of bergamot and tangerine are backed up with feminine floral notes of jasmine and orange blossoms. The dry down gradually finishes with interesting and surprising notes dominated by the fresh, woody and slightly masculine vetiver notes, and hint of rose and vanilla. Perfect when you want a subtle, delicate daytime fragrance that is not overpowering and promotes a sense of comfort an femininity of a bygone era.

Evan recommends that when you put the perfume on to allow a few minutes for the scent to develop on you. "Each of my true organic perfumes is a fascinating mixture of many plants and tends to have a somewhat different fragrance on different individuals. If you inhale it every little while, you may notice that the scent is going somewhere. Now the flowers are blooming...now the deeper elements are coming forth. Give the perfume time to get acquainted with you."

Who wants samples?

Additional information and samples are available online from Evan's Garden.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Parfums Divine
In the elegant Edwardian resort of Dinard, on the North coast of Brittany, Yvon Mouchel created a scent and called it Divine. It was sold in a tiny shop. People discovered it, fell in love with it and told their friends about it...and through word of mouth people all over the world have discovered this treasure and hoarded it like the precious gem that it is.
Divine opens with a fruity peach note garnished with coriander, gardenia, tuberose, May rose and basenotes of oak moss, vanilla and spices. The designer Yvon Mouchel started with this perfume and is my favorite of the women's line. Heady, sophisticated and confident would be a perfect match for the woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.

L'Infante is a perfect bouquet of white flowers; Ylang-ylang, Chinese jasmine, peony, blackcurrant and ivy leaves. Finished with sensual ambergris, vanilla, musk and tonka. Perfect for daytime, L'infante does not overpower with the jasmine but rather maintains a green freshness that makes this a great scent for early summer. It's like a dew laden morning as the sun rises on my garden.

L'ame Soeur opens with a burst of jasmine, rose otto, ambergris. Truly a sophisticated scent for special occasions, it's very refined, sparkling, with a highly powdery dry down that is sweet...and reminds me of what my younger sister might enjoy wearing. And if my younger sister would love it...I'd enjoy wearing it too. We are two peas in a pod!

L' Inspiratrice, newest of the collection has notes of rose, patchouli, ylang-ylang, bergamot, peony, white musk, vetiver, vanilla, tonka bean. I thought this was going to be another rose fragrance that would rise to the top of my list of favorites. And I was not disappointed. For a brief time, I thought that the patchouli was going to drown the beloved rose and ylang-ylang, but the peony with its tender kiss of sweetness makes this a coveted fragrance.

I ordered samples from Parfums Divine and they arrived in lightning speed so beautifully packaged that I didn't want to open them right away...yes they are this delightful. It was as though a very dear friend was sending me a treasured gift. Note cards always open with "Chere Madame" and close with "Tres Cordialement." I feel so French...Oui, Oui!
Parfums Divine believes that a woman loves attention to the smallest details and smells the fragrance first with her eyes and then her heart.
Available at
Parfums Divine
Lucky Scent
Luscious Cargo

Majenty Perfume Oils ~ A tropical vacation in a bottle

Distressed about the high cost of travel? Want to leave your cares behind? Is it time to give that pesky ________ (fill in the blank) a rest? Grab your bikini, your sandals and your beach towel. We're taking a scented vacation to Paradise.

For an Indi perfumer who only launched Majenty perfume oils in March, 2006, Jennifer Auspitz of Los Angeles, California has blazed some incredible trails and has celebraties boasting how much they love her fragrances. Lisa Rinna's Belle Gray boutique in Sherman Oaks now carries Majenty perfume oils.

Irresistible hand-blended, alcohol free roll-on perfume oils by Majenty are a great way to take my perfume with me and never worry about it leaking out and ruining my day. Hand blended and long lasting alcohol free perfume oils come in three luscious tropical scents. Don't worry...these are not the 'gag me with gardenia' perfumes that scream tropical paradise you might be familiar. They will get you noticed, but will never overwhelm you.

Written with a lyrical description you'll fall in love with:

Hidden Cove: "Behind an ocean's stone, she dove and found the Hidden Cove." Inside you'll find an island of water lilies so inspiring, coconuts falling on virgin sands and flower fields across the lands. An "Island getaway" with coconut, flowers of the Far East and fresh water lilies. You feel the warm scented breeze all around you and the sand between your toes.

Embrace the Day: "Embrace the day and get ready for anything that comes your way." Inside is the light that awakens you, a tuberose that allures a love so true, the celestial scent of a wise gardenia sky and jasmine dew that welcomes the sunrise. Notes of gardenia, tuberose jasmine and a gentle mix of plumeria are in perfect blend to take you through your day, whatever it brings...you can handle it inspired and refreshed.

After Hours: "At twilight we gather and channel the power of After Hours." You hold the key to opening a jasmine impulse of love everlasting, a tropical world of charity and rain, the allure of coconut and hyacinth in spring. An irresistible concoction of coconut, jasmine and tropical florals to take you effortless from day to evening. What's happening in your 'after hours?

For more information on where you can purchase your own 'vacation in a bottle' please visit www.majenty.com.

Parfums d'Armando
Noteworthy Newsflash for US readers:
All four Parfums d'Armando are now available in the US directly from Armando on his blogsite. Be sure to check this out and stay tuned to reviews of the newly launched Satyr and Benefactor.

Inspired by the love for classics, Armando Martinez a delightful newcomer on the niche scene of fragrances has quickly established himself as a designer to be reckoned with. From Armando: "I am an amateur perfumer that has been creating scents for over 5 years. A work in progress. I feel it's now time to unleash my creations to the public and I hope that they will be enjoyed and loved. I hope they awaken memories, emotions and above all else, make you feel good, my primary focus."

With four
fragrances now available on First in Fragrance (no easy task to be listed here) Armando offers Maquillage, Pillow of Flowers, Satyr and Benefactor. Since I have not sampled Satyr and Benefactor, I will focus my comments on Maquillage and Pillow of Flowers and will look forward to reviewing his two newest fragrances in the coming days.

Maquillage: The name for this fragrance is taken from the French word for makeup reminiscent of fine dresser sets gracing the boudoir of the most dignified ladies. Armando's love of vintage and classic fragrances pays homage to Jean Paul Gaultier's Classique. Maquillage is a very feminine, powdery fragrance with a rich floral/citrus blending. When I wear a fragrance with dominate 'powdery notes' I refuse to smell like baby powder. Never fear...you're not getting baby powder with this scent. Armando captures the essence of a bygone style of elegance and glarmour with Maquillage. The official notes are: lemon, lime, linden, honey, peach, rose, jasmine, violet, musk, iris, vanilla. I've often wondered how successful a marriage would be between multiple citrus, honey and vanilla notes would be and Armando has answered my questions. This is a well crafted scent that is not overpowering and is well anchored.

Pillow of Flowers: Asking Armando about his inspiration for Pillow of Flowers he delighted me with this:
"I wanted a very vintage in feel but modern white fuzzy floral scent. Something that evoked white clothes (couture like vintage Balenciaga, Givenchy, etc...), white interiors of a chic apartment or a chic restaurant of the 1950's like in a movie with Doris Day or Audrey Hepburn for example. I imagined vases of white flowers all around as well too. I wanted the scent to be a homage to an older era when aldehydic florals were very much appreciated. This scent stands apart from the others because it's more mature, more complex and more sexy in a goddess way." I personally see Pillow of Flowers as the epitome of flowers and aldehydes in a harmonious marriage. In a reversal of fragrance composition, Armando has taken what is normally considered basenotes and turned them up side down. No doubt that this scent is a basenote junkie's dream. The opoponax could get out of hand combined with frankincense and vetiver, but they continue to mellow into a glamorous white floral bouquet. Retro, yet strangely modern as the florals, aldehydes and basenotes dance upon you skin wearing luxurious satin gowns.

Armando is confident enough not to be intimidated by his trial and error approach to fragrance blending. "I like to think that the scents I create fall into this sort of happenstance category. I have the best intentions of creating something from an inspiration of another great classic of perfumery. But the outcome ends up to be quite unique unto itself and totally my own, which is a blessing."

An esteemed lady close to Armando's heart lived her life by this inspiration and now Armando, congratulations as you've entered your moment in the spotlight.
"I decided, very early on, just to accept life unconditionally; I never expected it to do anything special for me, yet I seemed to accomplish far more than I had ever hoped. Most of the time it just happened to me without my ever seeking it." Audry Hepburn

Parfums d' Armando are now available for sampling and purchase to the entire world at First in Fragrance.

Monday, July 23, 2007

L'Artisan Parfumeur ~ La Chasse Aux Papillons

Chasing Butterflies
Child of mine
innocently chasing butterflies,
your outstretched hands hide in the flowers
hoping to cradle in your fingers
the prize of iridescent wings.

From flower to flower you play hide and seek,
yet she escapes again and again.
Far better, child of mine to ravish
her beauty with your eyes, than to crush
such a gentle spirit trapped in a winged body who only longs for one more day.
You cry, yet she rejoices and flies away. J. Boyce

Evoking the image of chasing butterflies in fully bloomed summer gardens, La Chasse Aux Papillons is frequently critiqued as 'ordinary', 'non-specific', 'no sillage', 'not full bottle worthy'. I cant imagine that we're even wearing the same fragrance when I note those comments. La Chasse Aux Papillons is a floral garden in a bottle, a sparkling summer shower of linden, lemon, tuberose, playing a game of hide and seek with orange blossom and jasmine. I don't necessarily expect such an seamless blending to last an entire day. This is a 'close to the skin' kind of fragrance that inspires a calmness in my spirit. As the tuberose gently wafts into the air, I'm walking through a tropical promenade as animated flowers beckon me to sip their nectar with tiny giddy visitors darting about with gossamer wings who are refreshed with liquid perfume spilling from the flowers.

L' Artisan Parfumeur, created by Jean Laport in 1976 is truly without rival among fragrance designers with a cult following of devotees on every continent. Luscious Cargo appropriately describes L'Artisan's fragrances "are for those of us who crave a unique scent that will stand apart from the maddening crowd of scent strips cluttering up glossy magazines. They are created to evoke memories – the bittersweet nostalgia of childhood, first loves, possibly heartbreaks...in other words, the beauty and wonder of life."

If you're looking for innocent, you chose
La Chasse Aux Papillons, if you'd rather venture towards the mystical, spiritual hallways of cavernous cathedrals, you're destined to love Dkonzgkha an intriguing fragrance, an invitation to spirituality, an inside journey. Dark and startling incense from Dkonzgkha draws reverence from my cynical competitive nature and slows me down. What could it do for you?

L'Artisan Parfumeur simply boggles my mind with endless olfactory offerings of perfumes, body care, candles and custom gifts...new temptations greet with each clock of your mouse when you browse this website. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Spawned in the azure lagoons of the South Pacific, black pearls are the magnificent result of a unique collaboration between humans and mother nature, so too are the fine products of Black Pearl Botanicals.

Founded in 2001 by Jill Gibbs this line of wild crafted, 100% essential oil fragrances will have you saying "YES" to"NO."

Let me explain: NO Chemically Modified or Artificial Ingredients, NO Synthetic Preservatives, NO Artificial Dyes, NO Fragrance Oils, NO Phthalates, NO Mineral Oil, NO Lanolin, NO Methyl, Propyl, Butyl, or Ethyl Parabens, NO Synthetic Emollients, NO Synthetic Oleochemical or Petrochemical Detergents, NO Animal Testing, NO Adulteration!! Believing in 100% full disclosure on the ingredients in her products, Jill provides detailed information on usage and storage of Black Pearl Botanicals.

Rejuvenation: Is a zesty invigorating citrus scent. It is sparkling, fun, sporty, fresh, green and spicy. This perfume is stimulating and will help evoke mental clarity, confidence and youthful energy. Both men and women can wear this fragrance.
Vitality: Can be described as soft, sweet, fruity and vibrant anchored with Sandalwood. It is fun, flirty, and very feminine. Fantastic for those who are feeling bored and in a rut.
Paradise: Is soft, warm, rich, voluptuous, tropical, exotic, floral, citrus with a hint of vanilla to round out the blend. Its rich in these aphrodisiacs: ylang-ylang, neroli also known as orange-flower, vanilla, rosewood and cardamom. This perfume is sure to spice up your love life!
Is like walking through a forest with sun warmed pine needles. The aroma is sweet, woody, balsamic, soft and warm. One of the key ingredients is fir balsam which has a Christmas Tree aroma. The scent gives one confidence and strength during stressful times. This fragrance was designed for both women and men.
Joy: Is Black Pearl Botanicals #1 best seller. It is rare to find an all natural gardenia themed perfume. The aroma is sweet, sensual, sexy, soft, velvety, euphoric, romantic, floral with a hint of coconut.
Indulgence: Can best be described as divine, delicious, velvety, feminine, soft, intoxicating and floral. This perfume has four known aphrodisiacs that elicit feelings of confidence, sensuality, fantasy, relaxation and fun.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Miya Shinma

Noteworthy Fragrances is proud to introduce you to
Miya Shinma.

Miya began studying perfumery in Tokyo in 1992 but discovered that she also loved living in Paris, where she continued her studies in more depth and
has exhibitions at the Shizuoka Perfume Museum in Japan. Within the year she began teaching perfumery in Japan and also launched her own brand. Today she divides her time between teaching in Japan and creating fragrances in France. Miya has five beautiful fragrances that are unique, mysterious and worthy of your investigation.
Each perfume comes in a beautiful, delicate glass bottle, house inside a Japanese box.

Sakura features notes of cherry blossom, white rose, rose, peony, cassis, lemon, cedar, and white musk. Cherry Blossoms are Japan's national flower and play a dominate role in Japanese culture. Many Japanese celebrations are held under these beautiful blossoms.

Kaze is like a clear, crisp breeze sweeping in from the ocean. Grapefruit, melon and slices of white flowers combine with musk, cedar and hinoki to create a transparent and fresh marine fragrance that's addictive.

Feuillage Vert has the scent of freshly bought flowers and buds that envelop a room with their sweet aroma. Like petals and leaves, this truly does have the fragrance of a beautiful garden. Exquisite, fresh and sweet, with bergamont, cardamom, rose, bamboo, cedar and white musk.

Hana A harmonious fusion
of Ylang-Ylang, Fleur d'Orange, Rose Absolute, Jasmine Absolute, Iris, Vanilla. For some strange reason, this fragrance induces deep and restful sleep. A welcome relief after a stressful day.

Tsuki Elegant and seductive notes of
Bambo, Ozone, Iris, Rose Framboise, Santal, Musk, Vanilla. Probably the most mysterious of Miya's collection.

A little hard to find, but worth the search...available online at HQ Hair and beauty store.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

From 'Rock Chick' to Rock Solid
Jo Wood, wife of Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood is an original rock chick. But far from living a life of rock'n'roll excess, these days she's greener than green, having embarked on an organic lifestyle. The minute she saw the difference a chemical-free diet made to her health, there was no looking back.

Jo Wood is dedicated to organics, having great respect for the incredible properties of nature they have committed to making the purest, most natural products possible using only the highest grade of essential oils and plant extracts.

Capturing the spirit of the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa's Indian
Ocean and the Far East, Jo's target was to create a line of organic body fragrances that was also exquisite. One of the most interesting facts about the line is that it contains no water, but features an ultra-filtered form of orange juice known as vegetal water which provides anti-oxidants to the skin.

Jo's philosophy is quite simple, yet quite profound,
"I’m passionate about organics. From the food in the fridge to the sheets we sleep on, our house is totally organic."

Inspired by the Swahili word Usiku which means 'night' is warm and sensual, with a fresh, vibrant edge, this is a scent for men and women alike. Top notes of rosemary and pine needle with a spicy hit of cardamom and hot ginger. Complex heart notes of coriander, clove, and clary sage. Base notes of Moroccan cedar wood, patchouli, and vetiver.

Amka, also a Swahili word means 'to wake' and begins with bright fresh top notes of neroli and bergamot. Heart notes of Iranian rose otto and Egyptian jasmine. Base notes of green mandarin and sweet orange add a layer of fresh vibrancy.

Available from our good friends at Saffron Rouge and Beauty Habit and online at Jo Wood.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

She simply has no common scents!

The Sonoma Scent Studio was formally established in 2004 by Laurie Erickson who has always taken inspiration from and sanctuary in the beauty and serenity of nature. Laurie's studio is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Sonoma County in Northern California's wine country. The cottage-style studio and gardens are surrounded by majestic oaks and overlook the neighboring vineyards. Introduced to fragrant gardens tended by her mother and grandmother, Laurie began blending jasmine and rose absolutes to capture the aroma of her favorite flowers long after the blooming season was over. Some of her favorite scents have been from the house of Rosine and Caron. After years of experimentation, Laurie decided it was time to launch Sonoma Scent Studio and a dream became reality.

"It's taken many years to acquire a big enough stock of materials to create really professional perfumes with both naturals and synthetics. My inspiration originally came from nature and gardening, then moved to niche perfumes, and then back to nature again for creating some specific accords. There’s always more to learn."

When I asked Laurie where she sees
Sonoma Scent Studio in the next two years, she replied, "My goal has been to offer a small line of high-quality, unique perfumes and body creams through my online shop and through some boutiques. I've had interest in my scents from several online niche boutiques, but I'm making myself wait until I have my scent list the way I want it before I start to wholesale. My scent list had become a bit too long and I wanted to pare it down to focus on some of the most special scents." Laurie has learned that being a niche perfume designer has its growing pains of change and she is narrowing her focus by paring down the number of scents she offers for sale on her website.

Among the many luxurious ways you can pamper yourself with Laurie's unique hand blended scents, are the indulgent body creams, eau de parfum and perfume oils. I'll quickly cast my vote for
Opal, the concentrated perfume oil made with a natural pure fractionated coconut oil base; no alcohol, silicones, water, emulsifiers, sunscreen additives, or colorants are added. The fractionated coconut oil has no odor of its own, has a long shelf life, is very light, dries quickly, and is an excellent light moisturizer. Opal has become one of my new favorite fragrances with notes of a delicate musk, vanilla, ambrette, bergamot and sandalwood. This perfume has an excellent sillage and is remarkably long lasting. I normally shy away from many scents with bergamot as this note is not as complementary to my personal chemistry as I wish it were. The vanilla makes for a warm and snugly scent that radiates desire. This weekend when I was sampling Opal, I know that I'd been wearing it at least two hours, when my hubby looked up from a novel he is writing and asked, "Honey, what did you just put on?" His way of asking what sample I was testing...my surprise was that the oil I had earlier put my wrists had suddenly bloomed again and was a fragrant surprise to us both. I love my fragrances in the perfume oil version and Laurie has so many unique and intriguing blends, that I'm sure you'll all find your favorite as well!

Be sure to visit her delightful blog written in a true journalistic style. I enjoy keeping up to date on what she's busy doing by visiting her blog on a regular basis.

Sonoma Scent Studio products are available online with amazingly fast shipping and come in chic packaging that bespeaks quality all the way. Working in the customer service field for years, I can't emphasize enough her conscientiousness in returning any inquiries I've made with lightning speed. Kudos to you Laurie.
Keep those fragrances coming!!

Who wants samples??

Monday, July 16, 2007

Finding Your Inner Goddess ~ Lakshmi NYC

Are you still looking for sultry, sexy and 'scentsational'? I think you can end your search with Lakshmi NYC fragrance oils. A drop of these potions on your wrist, behind your ear or anywhere you want to get noticed will have you feeling like a goddess in your very own world. Athena, Lakshmi and Parvati are perfumes developed by Jo Hook. Her loyal following of customers apply the oils as part of their morning ritual and invoke the characteristics of a particular goddess.

ATHENA is the multi-faceted warrior goddess of wisdom, practical reason and handicraft. Who doesn't need all that? The scent is crisp, direct and infused with natural lemongrass.

LAKSHMI is the Goddess of Abundance. She is personified as the goddess of fortune and wealth and as an embodiment of loveliness, grace and charm. She grants worldly prosperity, as well as liberation from the cycle of life and death. Wear the scent of Lakshmi. Spicy and sultry, Lakshmi is an earthy musk-based fragrance.

PARVATI is the Goddess of Perseverance. She is worshiped as a goddess of perseverance and devotion. Receive the blessing of perseverance by wearing the scent of Parvati. Flowery, cool, light and sweet, Parvati is an ethereal vanilla and amber-based fragrance.

Available in an impressive collection of products at Lakshmi NYC.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Today I've become a Rich Hippie

Exquisite, chic, hip and luxurious…all describe a line of organic fragrances from Rich Hippie, a California-based perfume house. Looking for the ultimate trip back to the 60's? Are your tie-dyed tee shirts, and your love beads missing or long ago sold at your neighbor's garage sale? Your inner 'flower child' is easily recaptured with any Rich Hippie fragrance.

The company has brought back traditional perfumery techniques employed by the great French perfumers at the turn of the late century to create a line of perfume that is truly beautiful and unique. In the words of Rich Hippie creator and perfumer Nannette Pallrand: "There is nothing more beautiful than an all-natural perfume where you can actually smell the real flowers as opposed to a man-made chemical perfume that uses synthetic versions of flowers concocted in a laboratory. Studies have even shown that a real and all-natural perfume actually creates a chemical reaction in the body that uplifts the senses whereas a man-made, synthetic perfume brings the senses down." Rich Hippie is a line of completely organic, wild-crafted perfumes, created from carefully selected plant extracts and packaged in apothecary bottles that is hip and original. On the pricey side? You bet! Worth it? You decide!

Rich Hippie now has fifteen perfumes in its ever expanding collection: Bliss, Maharishi, Devotion, Rock Star, Rich Hippie, Bohemian Wedding, Spring, The Kiss, Purple Haze, Marrakech, Wild Thing, Kalachakra, Utopia, Nirvana and Psychedelic. While the first nine scents are predominately feminine, the last three are classified as unisex fragrances.

Bliss, my favorite is deeply romantic, uplifting with feminine floral notes of Bulgarian Damascena Rose and Tunisian citrus. Extracts from organically-farmed plants and flowers from all corners of the world including Davana from India, Rose from Bulgaria and Turkey, Vanilla from Madagascar, Citrus from Brazil, spices from east Africa and Orris from Albania combine to make this a world class fragrance, expensive, but world class.

So strap on your Birkenstock's, get your grove on and head over to the Rich Hippie, website where any of the fragrances can be purchased online or from one of my favorite power shopping boutiques, Luscious Cargo.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Whole Fragrance

Whole Fragrance by La Dolce y Vito was founded by Irma Bustos an individual with vast knowledge of the healing and mood-enhancing powers of plants. "Our philosophy is that humans should live in harmony with nature." Irma is an exotic chef and a student of nature, photography, and architecture. For decades, she has researched botany, homeopathic medicine, botanicals, organic perfumes, essential oils, nutrition and natural sciences. Other interests are philosophy, yoga, astrology, tarot and psychic self-defense. Irma’s art collection and extensive library are testament to serious study. Out of Irma's eclectic background comes a unique line of earthy natural, cruelty-free, eco-friendly body care and perfumes, with a hint of added magic, and easy to live with pricing. While I definitely appreciate Irma's philosophy and would encourage her to continue developing additional products, this line was slightly beyond my ability to appreciate them as fragrances I'd wear on a frequent basis.

Seven for Men is an herbal fragrance for men like a walk on the beach, airy and breezy. A refreshing herbal blend that makes men wonderful and confident. Definitely unisex!

Spice of Life is a romantic herbal spray for men relaxing and transcends all your cares. A light and appealing blend of natural essences.

In the Spirit of Luck is a beautiful, unisex herbal blend for those who prepare for luck. Expecting luck is a positive anticipation that makes you feel great.

Evening Spirit is an unique anise herbal blend for unisex. It inspires celebration and carefree action. Be spontaneous.

Flowers of Love is a delicate, delightful, light herbal spray for women. Divine, alluring and mysterious. Flowers of Love gives women an added elegance.

Flame Minx is a passionate burst of fresh air for the women who enjoys surprises. A daring yet mystic blend of flora essences that create enchanting moments.

Whole Fragrance products have been featured in New Age Retailer, NY Yoga Magazine, Daria Magazine, Gothic Beauty, and Faerie Magazine. Samples were included in the Swag Bags for
the Monaco Film Festival 2006, Cannes International Film Festival 2006, and the Toronto Film Festival 2006, and the San Diego Film Festival 2007.

You can learn more about Whole Fragrances and how to order a set samples on their website.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Had any good dreams lately?

Dream Esscents is a delightful Chicago based business with some of the most yummy gourmand scents I've ever experienced. Created by Tanya Casteel, whose lifelong love for fragrance began as a small child when she started collecting perfumes. She simply cannot remember a time when she was not blending her own fragrances.

Dream Esscents is known for their gourmand fragrances. However, Tanya has many customers requesting spices, woods and resins and she is slowly adding those to her line, while still trying to keep the amount of scents that she offers at a manageable level.

Specializing in high quality long lasting parfum oils and eau de parfum sprays, each one is custom created and hand blended. Original, one of a kind, signature fragrances are also available if you would like to create your own unique scent.

The Dream Esscents collections include:
Gourmand/CakeAccords, Floral/Green, Musk, Sheer, Chocolate, Woods/Spices and Citrus.

Dream Esscents offers a wide variety of 'collections' that rate a 'must have this one for sure' but one really stood out to me and has become my favorite. From the gourmand collection is a perfume called Honey Bee. Honey, vanilla bean and toasted nuts appears to make this pretty much a linear fragrance, but only at first sniff. The blending of the vanilla bean and nut notes (that sounds funny to say) gives the aroma of the waxy honeycomb as well. I was re-sniffing every two minutes and the fragrance kept evolving into a sweet, warm, comfort scent, that probably might be better suited in the Fall and Winter, but I love wearing it now!! It is quite similar to Allesandro by Mazzalori without the cherry/almond extract note. And it's certainly a bargain at $25.00 for a 1 oz Eau d Parfum spray. I'm not sure if I wear this or put this on my English muffin...it's that realistic! Bee-lieve me!

All scents come in a dry oil and shea butter oil sprays for luscious aromas from head to toe and are available online at Dream Esscents.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Born out of great desire to accomplish a signature line of non-cloying, easy to wear scents, Ineke Rühland who perfers to be known as a parfumier decided to develop her own line and has garnered shelf space in some of the most famous retail stores in the world. In her mid 30s, shegot serious and enrolled in the two-year perfumery program offered by France's Institut Supérieur International du Parfum, de la Cosmétique, et de l'Aromatique Alimentaire, the world's only university-level perfumery school. From appearances, she did her homework and passed with an A+. Undaunted in this adventure as the sole employee of her company, Ineke's fragrances are developing a rapid following. Count me among those who are delighted to wear each and every one of these straightforward scents.

This August, she will launch
her 5th fragrance called Evening Edged in Gold. Scented with angel trumpet, it promises to be just as unique as her others.

Keeping with the 'letters of the alphabet' which is a perfectly delightful way to name her scents, Evening Edged in Gold will follow:
After My Own Heart ~ "The scen
t of fresh lilacs floating on the early evening breeze", includes notes of bergamot, raspberry, green foliage, lilac, sandalwood, heliotrope and musk.
Balmy Days and Sundays ~ A Sunday afternoon in a park, wispy clouds floating by, carefree... with notes of freesia, leafy greens, grass, honeysuckle, rose, mimosa, chypre accent and musk.
Chemical Bond ~ Opposites attract across the bonds of the periodic table. "Sparkling citrus and powdery soft in a flirtatious alchemy." Notes of a smooth citrus cocktail, tea, blackberry, dewy peony, vetiver, amber and powdery musk.
Derring-Do ~ Clark Gable in his smoking jacket lookint quite dapper. Fresh citrus blend, rain notes, cyclamen, magnolia, fougère accents, cardamom, pepper, guaiacwood, cedarwood and musk.

Who wants samples?
The Ineke deluxe sample collection offers beautifully packaged 1.5ml sizes of her four fragrances and provides a low-risk way to try her fragrances. The $12.00 price will be fully redeemable against any future product purchase. The deluxe sample collection is available only on the Ineke website.