Friday, June 29, 2007

Inspired by the scents and history of her beloved Napa Valley, food writer and perfume creator Susan Costner-Kenwood launched this line of finely crafted, remarkable fragrances. Creating this fragrance along with her husband, wine executive Tor Kenward, Cielo is a fragrance that comes straight from California's lush Napa Valley, truly one of the world's most enchanting destinations and truly heaven on earth. With each spritz of Cielo fragrance, a love story unfolds of golden hillsides, oak trees and warm afternoon breezes redolent with the essence of sun drenched grape leaves. The fragrance with notes of citrus, grape leaf, jasmine, fig and sandalwood is expertly blended precisely like a fine wine.

EAU DE PARFUM The original scent that started our company, inspired by vineyards and hillsides of the California wine country. Fresh on the top (Daphne), warm in the middle (grapeleaf, fig and honey), seductive on the finish (oak and sandalwood). Unmistakably alluring. 50 ML

CIELO SOAP French triple-milled soap. All vegetable base with shea butter. Earthy, sparkling green Cielo fragrance.

CANDLES Earthy-green aroma transports you to hillsides of vineyards and oak trees. Simple clean scent, clean burning with a non-lead wick. A unisex scent packaged for gift giving or to indulge yourself. Create an atmosphere of luxurious comfort in your home with this warm and richly glorious scent of a Napa Valley vineyard on a golden autumn afternoon. Notes of sweet daphne, grape leaf, honey suckle, fig leaf, honey, oak, sandalwood.

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