Sunday, July 29, 2007

Florascent Fragrances

Captivatingly beautiful and natural, Florascent fragrances are delicate floral waters made by combining pure organic essential oils and absolutes, aromatic waters with organic plant and fruit alcohol to create unique and romantic scent combinations that will have you wanting the entire collection.

Precious, natural raw materials produce unique, standout scents, which are hand-bottled, hand-sealed, and packed in unique handmade paper containers.

Florascent was founded in Germany in the mid 1990's. A lot goes into making each bottle of fragrance. Perfumer Roland Tentunian has combined his technical skills and superior sense of smell to revive the traditional art of 17th century perfumery.

During this time, leather gloves were quite fashionable in the royal courts. Acids used in the tanning process gave the gloves a bitter nose stinging acrid smell. Lest you think that perfuming gloves was a strange thing to do, you may want to read exactly how leather used to be tanned. No wonder glove makers searched for a solution to a stinky problem.

Long before Grasse, France, became the perfume capital of the world, it was widely known for glove making. The odor from curing the leather was so offensive that it had to be covered up. The glove makers started to sell fragrant oils along with the gloves. Each customer was now able to have their gloves scented in a fragrance of their choice.

At the time, King Philippe Auguste granted glove makers the exclusive privilege to "prepare perfumes. creams and unguents." For centuries, tanneries, which were Grasse's principal activity, used myrtle and lentisque powders to give their leather a green color and exceptionally fine quality. It wasn't long before a number of them changed their focus entirely from glove making to perfumes, as their fragrant waters became increasingly popular among ladies and gentlemen of the nobility.

Umami: The fifth taste? It’s usually stated that the human tongue can detect only four basic tastes: sweet, sour, bitter and salty, and that all tastes are combinations of these but in recent years some scientists have added a fifth taste, umami, to the other four. It’s sometimes associated with a feeling of perfect quality in a taste, or of some special emotional circumstance in which a taste is experienced. It is also said to involve all the senses, not just that of taste. There’s more than a suggestion of a spiritual or mystical quality about the word. Explore the embodiment of umami in this delightful fragrance with a strange sounding name.

Umami Notes: Succulent yuzu and delicious vanilla mix with pimento, ginger, osmanthus, tonka bean and sandalwood for a scent that's truly a delicious 'almost culinary' delight. This is a very creamy light scent that just melts into your skin. It is a remarkably long lasting fragrance with just the right amount of vanilla. Definitely not in the gourmand family although the pimento note keeps it slightly elevated on the spicy side.

Umami belongs to the Aqua Composita thematic scent compositions. All fragrances by Florascent are similar in strength to an eau de toilette, but are surprisingly very long lasting. Try Umami for yourself! You truly may have discovered your new 'fifth taste' in a signature fragrance.

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