Monday, July 16, 2007

Finding Your Inner Goddess ~ Lakshmi NYC

Are you still looking for sultry, sexy and 'scentsational'? I think you can end your search with Lakshmi NYC fragrance oils. A drop of these potions on your wrist, behind your ear or anywhere you want to get noticed will have you feeling like a goddess in your very own world. Athena, Lakshmi and Parvati are perfumes developed by Jo Hook. Her loyal following of customers apply the oils as part of their morning ritual and invoke the characteristics of a particular goddess.

ATHENA is the multi-faceted warrior goddess of wisdom, practical reason and handicraft. Who doesn't need all that? The scent is crisp, direct and infused with natural lemongrass.

LAKSHMI is the Goddess of Abundance. She is personified as the goddess of fortune and wealth and as an embodiment of loveliness, grace and charm. She grants worldly prosperity, as well as liberation from the cycle of life and death. Wear the scent of Lakshmi. Spicy and sultry, Lakshmi is an earthy musk-based fragrance.

PARVATI is the Goddess of Perseverance. She is worshiped as a goddess of perseverance and devotion. Receive the blessing of perseverance by wearing the scent of Parvati. Flowery, cool, light and sweet, Parvati is an ethereal vanilla and amber-based fragrance.

Available in an impressive collection of products at Lakshmi NYC.