Saturday, July 21, 2007

Miya Shinma

Noteworthy Fragrances is proud to introduce you to
Miya Shinma.

Miya began studying perfumery in Tokyo in 1992 but discovered that she also loved living in Paris, where she continued her studies in more depth and
has exhibitions at the Shizuoka Perfume Museum in Japan. Within the year she began teaching perfumery in Japan and also launched her own brand. Today she divides her time between teaching in Japan and creating fragrances in France. Miya has five beautiful fragrances that are unique, mysterious and worthy of your investigation.
Each perfume comes in a beautiful, delicate glass bottle, house inside a Japanese box.

Sakura features notes of cherry blossom, white rose, rose, peony, cassis, lemon, cedar, and white musk. Cherry Blossoms are Japan's national flower and play a dominate role in Japanese culture. Many Japanese celebrations are held under these beautiful blossoms.

Kaze is like a clear, crisp breeze sweeping in from the ocean. Grapefruit, melon and slices of white flowers combine with musk, cedar and hinoki to create a transparent and fresh marine fragrance that's addictive.

Feuillage Vert has the scent of freshly bought flowers and buds that envelop a room with their sweet aroma. Like petals and leaves, this truly does have the fragrance of a beautiful garden. Exquisite, fresh and sweet, with bergamont, cardamom, rose, bamboo, cedar and white musk.

Hana A harmonious fusion
of Ylang-Ylang, Fleur d'Orange, Rose Absolute, Jasmine Absolute, Iris, Vanilla. For some strange reason, this fragrance induces deep and restful sleep. A welcome relief after a stressful day.

Tsuki Elegant and seductive notes of
Bambo, Ozone, Iris, Rose Framboise, Santal, Musk, Vanilla. Probably the most mysterious of Miya's collection.

A little hard to find, but worth the search...available online at HQ Hair and beauty store.