Saturday, July 14, 2007

Whole Fragrance

Whole Fragrance by La Dolce y Vito was founded by Irma Bustos an individual with vast knowledge of the healing and mood-enhancing powers of plants. "Our philosophy is that humans should live in harmony with nature." Irma is an exotic chef and a student of nature, photography, and architecture. For decades, she has researched botany, homeopathic medicine, botanicals, organic perfumes, essential oils, nutrition and natural sciences. Other interests are philosophy, yoga, astrology, tarot and psychic self-defense. Irma’s art collection and extensive library are testament to serious study. Out of Irma's eclectic background comes a unique line of earthy natural, cruelty-free, eco-friendly body care and perfumes, with a hint of added magic, and easy to live with pricing. While I definitely appreciate Irma's philosophy and would encourage her to continue developing additional products, this line was slightly beyond my ability to appreciate them as fragrances I'd wear on a frequent basis.

Seven for Men is an herbal fragrance for men like a walk on the beach, airy and breezy. A refreshing herbal blend that makes men wonderful and confident. Definitely unisex!

Spice of Life is a romantic herbal spray for men relaxing and transcends all your cares. A light and appealing blend of natural essences.

In the Spirit of Luck is a beautiful, unisex herbal blend for those who prepare for luck. Expecting luck is a positive anticipation that makes you feel great.

Evening Spirit is an unique anise herbal blend for unisex. It inspires celebration and carefree action. Be spontaneous.

Flowers of Love is a delicate, delightful, light herbal spray for women. Divine, alluring and mysterious. Flowers of Love gives women an added elegance.

Flame Minx is a passionate burst of fresh air for the women who enjoys surprises. A daring yet mystic blend of flora essences that create enchanting moments.

Whole Fragrance products have been featured in New Age Retailer, NY Yoga Magazine, Daria Magazine, Gothic Beauty, and Faerie Magazine. Samples were included in the Swag Bags for
the Monaco Film Festival 2006, Cannes International Film Festival 2006, and the Toronto Film Festival 2006, and the San Diego Film Festival 2007.

You can learn more about Whole Fragrances and how to order a set samples on their website.