Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Anniversaries are meant to be remembered, so to the Natural Perfumers Guild, we congratulate you and we acknowledge the success of your new name and your new home on the internet!

Under the direction of Anya McCoy owner of Anya's Garden of Natural Perfume the guild is "a consortium of international perfumers, associates, suppliers and enthusiasts dedicated to perfumes made with natural aromatics."

"The main principle of the Guild is to exalt and encourage the use of natural botanicals in perfume and toiletries. Standards of excellence in creating natural perfumes are demanded and met by our perfumers. We encourage you to sample these handmade artisan products, luxuriously experiencing the beauty of nature, captured in a bottle."

Joining the Guild in the past year are eighty-eight members including Prodarom Grasse Institute of Perfumery, Jeanne Rose, Lizz Zorn, Strange Invisible Perfumes, Sharini Perfumes, Robert Tisserand, Alchemical Solutions, Allured Publishing, and many other Perfumers, Associates and Enthusiasts. The Guild was founded by author and perfumer Mandy Aftel in 2002, closed it briefly for business reorganization, and reopened under the ownership of Anya McCoy in 2006. An online free educational adjunct of the Guild is the Yahoo group of more than 1200 members that McCoy hosts at and anyone interested in natural perfumery is welcome to join.

Noteworthy Fragrances has recently spotlighted these members of the Natural Perfumers Guild: Liz Zorn and Lisa Fong.

If you'd like more information about members of the Natural Perfumers Guild, please click here.