Sunday, June 3, 2007

Agatha ~ Mystery and Seduction

"A a woman of mystery and intrigue.
As she enters the room, all conversations stops. Speaking not a word, she conveys desire. As she departs her fragrance lingers, evoking memories of deep passion and seduction. An unforgettable perfume of mystical powers."

MYSTERY OF AGATHA was created for the modern femme fatale who seeks a fragrance not everyone else is wearing. The fragrance of a free spirit: an elegant, glamorous, mysterious, passionate, and irresistibly seductive woman. It's not uncommon for total strangers to follow me to get close enough to ask me what I'm wearing. When I first wore this, I rushed the 'mellowing' process and thought this might be too worldly for me, but as the floral notes emerge again and again with different nuances each time I find myself wanting more of the mystery.

This magnificent fragrance becomes extraordinary when it mixes with your body chemistry. A floriental that is light, yet very long lasting becoming more and more beautiful as
the day progresses. Many fragrances fade as the hours pass; Mystery of Agatha clings to your skin as though her life depended upon it. This intoxicating fragrance has a top note of a rare citrus from Singapore, unusual florals from the Amazon, Morocco, and Indonesia, strange and exotic woods from the continent of Africa, and spices from the ancient Ottoman Empire. Deep, dark, mysterious.

AGATHA, the signature fragrance of Agatha Brown, is a uniquely splendid fragrance that surrounds a woman in a heavenly scent dominated by top notes of night blooming jasmine and French tuberose. This luscious floral is cherished by the woman of elegance, glamour, and supreme sophistication, and the mid notes of spicy persimmon and passion fruit add a playful seductiveness. The undertones of exotic and strange woods, amber, and myrrh add a passionate richness to this long lasting fragrance that lingers on and on and becomes more beautiful as the day progresses. This original fragrance is for the woman who does not want to smell like the rest of the crowd.

IMPERIAL JADE EMPRESS A passionate and erotic floriental blending of sparkling top notes with subtle Oriental spices, exotic florals and warm woods. Opening with bright crisp notes of Blood Orange, Red Berries, Pear William and Ivy Leaves which blend with Amazon Lily, Night Blooming Jasmine, Cinnamon Leaf and Pink Peppercorn. Adding to the rare complexity of this perfume are base notes of Blonde Cedar Wood, Creamy Sandalwood, Haitian Vetiver, White Patchouli and Cashmere musk. Imperial Jade has a version for the man in your life; Imperial Jade Emperor. Comments found in Agatha's guest book reveal world wide acclaim for not only her fragrances but for her designer line of elegant clothing.

Internationally known New York fashion designer Agatha's elegant boutique features her designer sportswear, coordinated handbags and shoes, Italian knitwear, belts, accessories and her three magnificent fragrances and luxurious bath products. Located in downtown Ornjestad, Aruba in the atrium of the Renaissance Hotel - Seaport Mall. Her designs have been featured in WWD Harpers Barzaar, Vogue Town & Country and Gap Magazine of Italy.

Fashionable women travel from all around the world to visit the elegant Agatha Boutique in Aruba, but you won't have to leave the comforts of home...her products are available online.
An in depth interview by Basenotes is a fascinating read.