Monday, June 25, 2007

Competing with the giants ~ elizabethW
The spirit of determination and independence. A romantic nature and classic elegance. Unique and original bath, body, and home fragrance gifts from San Francisco's favorite perfumery. Such is the inspiration for elizabethW the perfumery of Albert Nichols and Michael Lindsay.

Formerly an architect, Albert Nichols has named his line of fragrances after Elizabeth Wightman, his great-grandmother and the matriarch of the family. Tucked away in the city by the bay is a gorgeous little boutique in San Francisco that produces some of the finest scented products in the world. Partnering with this creative 'nose' is London born Michael Lindsey who maintains the relentless vision of making elizabethW a globally known company. With the successful launch of elizabethW in London just last month, I'd say Michael is right on track with his goals.

An elegant and sophisticated line of perfumes, creams, home fragrance candles, bath products, and drawer liners are handcrafted in their workshop and include silk and linen drawer liners featured on Oprah's 'favorite things' travel sets and travel candles, lingerie bags, eau de parfum, and oh so much more. In addition to being loved by Oprah, some of the most prestigious hotels and boutiques in the world carry elizabethW.

Being a southern gal from Texas, I love my Sweet Tea. And now one of favorite summer favorites is also one of my favorite fragrances. Cool notes of Black tea, brightened with Amalfi lemons and sweetened with golden almond honey. You could wear this everyday and never tire of it. Sweet Tea nirvana is directly ahead for me!
There is however one huge drawback for me with this fragrance. I want to slice about a dozen lemons and fill my jacuzzi with this stuff but I can't figure out how to order that much perfume. This is scent is very powerful, sexy and although you won't be pouring this sweet tea over ice, you will love how it cools you down on a hot summer day. You have notes of black tea with lemon from start to finish that is sweetened with almond blossom honey. It's uncomplicated, straight forward and incredibly long lasting!

The Butterfly Collection of scented candles and room sprays brings the garden indoors. Featuring Tomato, Parsley, Asparagus topped with a Lime dressing. Does it get more creative than this?

The entire collection, packaged and presented in a gracious and refined manner is available at many prestigious boutiques as well as online.

Visiting the elizabethW website is an extremely enjoyable experience that I highly recommend. Additional information on the entire line of fragrant gifts and perfumes is available at