Sunday, June 10, 2007

What a girl Ava Luxe
Quite honestly the best site in the entire world to try over 125 different, delicious, daring fragrances. These are not the 'pour from one bottle to another' single note oils that you can buy off the internet. These are thoughtfully and artistically custom blended scents that you'll fall head over heals in love with created by Serana Ava Franco who has quickly gained a reputation of one of the finest private perfumers on the internet. All of her fragrances and body care products are hand crafted and are made to order. Her products are of the highest quality and are reasonably priced. Serana also offers custom blending to satisfy your ultimate fragrance desires.

Fragrances at Ava Luxe are grouped by category for ease of sellection. Here's what you can expect to find at Ava Luxe and my personal recommendations:

Chypre ~ BIBA ~ A dark blend of spices and sensual woods. Powerful and heady!
Floral ~ HEART OF GLASS ~ Intoxication in a bottle! Tuberose, musk and star jasmine.
Fresh ~ WHITE TEA ~ Light, breezy and sophisticated with a touch of lemon. Fruity ~ FORBIDDEN FRUITS ~ Mysterious with cinnamon, red pepper and pomegranate.
Gourmand ~ VANILLA APRICOT ~ Fruit Ambrosia Salad. Serve it with a spoon.
Green/Herbal ~ JOHRI ~ Perfectly blended Unisex scent of lemon, fig, sandalwood and more.
Musk ~ WILD BLACKBERRY MUSK~ Magical, juicy, and...well the name says it all.
Oriental ~ VAMP ~ Satisfy your inner Vamp with Cashmere musk and spices.
Spice ~ QUEEN BESS ~ Honeyed roses, black tea fit for a Queen!
Tropical ~ VENUS SANDS ~ Conjure up a personal island escape with florals and incense.
Wood/Incense ~ FIRE WOOD ~ Warm, cozy scent of a crackling fire...sweet and smoky.
Vintage ~ Oh! de London type ~ Bergamot, nutmeg and musk take you back to the 60's.
Luxe Edition ~ VIVA ~ Divine decadence! Black coconut and gardenia...this should be illegal!

Most scents available in Parfum Extrait, Eau de Parfum, Body Lotion, Cream and Liquid Body Powder. Some scents are also available by request in a Liquid Splash.

Individual samples are available on the main page for each Ava Luxe fragrance. Trust me on tell yourself you're just going to try 1 or 2 and before you know own the entire collection of samples. It's the perfect way to 'try before you buy' and you'll have a different scent to wear everyday for at least 4 months without a repeat.