Saturday, June 2, 2007

Parfums MDCI
Rare parfums ~ Personal works of art

In a r
are collaboration of three inspired fragrance designers comes Parfums MDCI.

It is evident that the opulence of both the French and Italian Renaissance with its tradition of incredible sculptural works, fountains and gardens of antiquity is the inspiration for these fragrances. The flacons that hold this precious liquid are glass columns or pillars found in classical architecture. They are topped with the timeless replication of either a crystal or Limoges porcelain bust, numbered and signed for authenticity. Not only are you offered the finest of fragrances created by the worlds best designers, you can, for a price, own a work of art! This is how Parfums MDCI were born.

As far as fragrances are concerned, "carte blanche" and complete freedom were given to some of the most talented creators in the field of niche perfumes. They were free to explore any direction, to use any components without concern of the price. Only the highest of quality components were used assuring that no animal or plant was endangered. Francis Kurkdjian a nose of world renown, created the three scents for women and Pierre Bourdon and St├ęphanie Bakouche share the spotlight for the men's fragrances.

Promeese de L'Aube ~ Notes: Mandarin, lemon, ylang-ylang, jasmine, sandalwood, tonka bean and vanilla. Top notes of bright mandarin and lemon flirt cozy up with a luxurious bouquets of creamy ylang-ylang and jasmine. Picture yourself on a private island with the tropical sun warming you skin to reveal the basenotes of sandalwood with just the right amount of vanilla to impart a sweetness that makes a lasting impression. Sophisticated enough to satisfy your grown-up side, yet playful, romantic and quite possibly dangerous. This could make you utterly irresistible, so please wear it responsibly.
Rose de Siwa ~ Notes: Lychee, peony, hawthorn, Moroccan and Turkish roses, violet, cedar, musk and vetiver. Named after the flowers of the Siwa Oasis in Egypt. This fragrance could be called "Pretty in Pink" and is definitely a rose fragrance, but on the softer side of roses. A modern violet note emerges that almost overpowers the rose notes...almost like candied violets decorating a wedding cake. Cedar and vetiver temper the closing whisper of musk with an encore of those gorgeous roses appearing for a final kiss.

Enlevement au Serail ~ Notes: Bergamot, mandarin, ylang-ylang, jasmine sambac, tuberose, rose, wallflower, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla and vetiver. Jasmine is definitely the rising star of this exotic blend; it is fresh and gently-spicy in the beginning and opulent and sensual at the middle stage, where it is accompanied by creamy tuberose and ylang-ylang. The composition of this fragrance owes its tenacity to a heady combination of patchouli, Indian sandalwood adding a dark, rich incense character. Enlevement au Serail has a serious following.

Stranded on a desert island, I'd want these samples! Sold as a set of five fragrances, the 10ml samples give you plenty of 'juice' for a serious and lengthy test. The preferred payment is through their Paypal address: or by money order payable to Parfums MDCI.

Contact the witty, wise and wonderful Claude Marchal who is the mastermind behind Parfums MDCI at Please let him know you heard about him from Noteworthy Fragrances. He is an absolute darling. Luckyscent carries the fragrance line in the US.