Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Princess Centifola Cristata ~ Liz Zorn

The tour of our rose garden continues today as we are granted a rare interview with Rose Princess Centifolia Cristata. She welcomes us wearing a custom designed opulent delicate pink ball gown by Master Creations. The skirt is stunning with over 100 layers of shimmering organza and the hand sewn dewdrops on the neckline catch the rays of the sun with a sparking iridescence.

Our 'princess' is not shy when announcing her heady fragrance. It is a moderately heavy and spicy fragrant rose with nodding blooms arching on a sturdy stem. The centifolia or cabbage rose was known prior to 1600, but the true beginnings of this magnificent beauty are still the subject of much debate when it comes to discussing their parentage. Said to offer one of the best fragrances of any rose; an exquisite pure damask type fragrance with slightly spicy or acrid undertones...very pleasant.

Perhaps this rose princess in pink might have been the inspiration for Sinti, a luscious, complex rose perfume by Liz Zorn. The first thought I had after sampling Sinti was, "Okay, who hid the rose?" I wasn't used to this combination of masculine green notes. Could I like this scent, or in my impatience to plant my nose in my wrist and sniff, was I rushing the process? Indeed. Already claiming a cult following, this fragrance truly is worthy of trying and loving! But this is not your Grandmother's rose perfume! This is the 'new' rose, an updated version with a twist of Clary Sage and Galbanum, and I was rushing the process. Once the herbaceous notes quieted, there was an almost hypnotic effect as Sinti delivered the spicy damask rose notes to my liking.

The finished product, set into an organic blueberry tincture with hints of vanilla took me out of my comfort zone...and that's a good thing! Liz must have known how I would react when I was introduced to this fragrance. In her own words she says, "This fragrance is quite bold and not for the faint of heart. A truly unapologetic rose, suited to both men and women for evening wear or whenever you want to feel invincible."

Liz, like the true artist she is, has succeeded in designing an incredible wardrobe of fragrances. Her "Signature Collection" of luxury perfumes is created with well chosen, high quality natural ingredients and incorporates tinctured fruits and florals not commonly available to the perfumer, natural or otherwise. Liz refuses to outsource any part of the process allowing her to maintain complete control over the quality of her perfumes. Liz Zorn, an accomplished visual artist and perfumer is the owner of Zz's Petals, her fragrance boutique where the entire line of Liz Zorn can be purchased.

Having trouble deciding which of these luscious fragrances is your new signature? Samples are available on her website and also come packaged with the flair of an artist.

What's on the horizon? Liz promises many surprises and among them; an expanded men's fragrance collection and “Citrine Rose” will make its debut in July taking the world of rose scents to the next level and I can hardly wait!