Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pecksniff's ~A preponderance of perfectly - practical - pretty - perfumes and products
That might be a 'tongue twister', but it's what you'll be chanting once you try the luscious aromas from Pecksniff's, one of Britain's finest family owned fragrance houses.

Pecksniff's invites you to "step into a world of pure pampering and fragrant indulgence. Pecksniff's understands the role of fragrance in helping you to convey your style and mood. It is the invisible veil that inspires and reassures."
Body Care
For Him
For the Home
Mood Therapy
Essential Oils
Fragrant Remedies

Unique to Pecksniff's philosophy: "When you choose to buy, you can do so with complete confidence in our Pecksniff's guarantee. Every product is covered by our 'no quibble' exchange, even if it has been used."

Who Wants Samples?
The ultimate collection of all six women's Eau de Parfum was inspired by their belief that fragrance can mirror our personalities, and enhance the clothes we chose to wear. From cool and grown up for the office, to giggly and flirtatious for a party, each fragrance has been created with its own personality and style.

The complete line of Pecksniff's products is available online at Pecksniff's or selected items at Luscious Cargo.