Thursday, June 7, 2007

Scent by Alexis

When you tire of the 'just like everyone else' scents and you want truly unique fragrances presented in museum quality packaging...they you are ready for Scent by Alexis!
From glamour to goth, Alexis Karl has launched a collection of scents inspired by the way elixirs and potions were developed in ancient Greece and Egypt. Everything about Scent by Alexis is made by hand. From the custom blending of perfumed oils to the gilding of the
intricate bottles...each piece is a treasure!

Scent by Alexis ~ Hand blended perfumed oils are luscious mixtures of essential and fragrance oils presented in hand gilded antique perfume bottles and ornate silver lockets. Each bottle is laboriously hand gilded with gold and rare hand dyed leafs. The gold leaf is the thinnest, most delicate form that gold can take. After gilding, it is then baked with a varnish. You'll want to display these bottles in a prominent place they are so beautiful.

An Ivy League-educated, classically trained painter, who
received her masters from the New York Academy of Art and studied the fine art of gilding at Palazzo Massimo in Rome, Alexis Karl has marked her presence in the New York art scene with her seven-foot tall realistic paintings of nude women, painted from life.

Everything about Scent By Alexis, is made by hand, from the mixing of the perfumed oils to the gilding of the bottles.The design of the line is based on the idea that each piece is a treasure. It's an artistic and old world approach to a modern must-have. From her website comes these intriguing and delicious descriptions.

Amber, vanilla, and gardenia work together to create White Sable, a soft, creamy, warm scent with a hint of spice. Soft, trance-like, and seductive, it carries us into a painting by Manet, or aFragonard nude.

Minx is pure seduction, pure sexuality. Chocolate, merlot, and fig blend to create a scent that is sensual and dark, like great Cognac by a fire...

Amber, freesia, vanilla, and florals blend to create Venus in Furs, a truly elegant, warm and cold scent, like an 18th-century powdered woman at the opera: beauty mark, pastel silks, satins, brocades, coquettish smiles, petit fours.

Queen Bitch i
s a haughty and sophisticated scent, a strong, bold and sweet blend of narcissus, chocolate, and orange blossom. A bejeweled queen winks at a lover, who awaits at the feet of her throne.

Goddess is elegance, sweetness, pure femininity. Vanilla notes enwrap you in warmth, while jasmine dances with dashes of citrus. You are Isis, Aphrodite, Venus, Athena.

The violet notes of Courtesan
flirt seductively with green tea and orchid. It is a fragrance full of subtle desires and dangerous promises.

Femme Fatale, spired by the Hollywood of the 1930s, is deadly delectable. Spicy ambers mingle with nutmeg and ylang-ylang, while hints of jasmine playfully linger with vanilla and a mélange of secret ingredients...

"Why you little Vixen," he utters under his breath, as the trail of your scent -- rich Ethiopian coffee, dry red currant, juicy blackberries -- entices his memory. You smile and walk away.

Aristocratic Duchess rules over regal hints of pear and decadent chocolate which play haughtily with elegant linden blossom.

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Alexis is very responsive to all inquiries and every detail of your order will have her personal trademark of elegance.

Samples are available upon request.