Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Who wants samples?

I've searched out some of the best niche perfumer samples available on the Internet and here they are!! Enjoy your tiny treasures!

Aroma M
Some of the classiest samples on the Internet. Each sample is individually wrapped in a hand designed paper and presented in a silk pouch.

Over 50 different samples to choose from.
You pick 'em, you love 'em.
Samples are the perfect way to try Dawn's exceptional fragrances.

Eie Flud
Sample handmade toiletries and perfumes from the heart of England!

The sample set contains 7 women's and 5 men's fragrances. Samples are large size atomizers. An excellent value.

4 large size samples, each nestled in their own little box. A, B, C, D! It couldn't be easier or better and the price of the samples is fully applied to your first purchase.

Orion Botanica
16 signature fragrance samples sent to you with lighting speed.

Fabinenne calls them 'Bottled Happiness'. I call them wonderful and witty.

La Cream
What a delightful way to sample fragrances. This sample program is a charm.

Samples of Spao's essences, massage oils, body lotions and soaps are available.