Saturday, May 26, 2007

La Base ~ Flowers of Switzerland

La Base is a fragrance of contradictions. While it captures the fresh, fragile beauty of wildflowers, delicate bluebells, violets, wild alpine rose and a symphony of other flowers, it bespeaks heavier complex notes of wild raspberry, mimosa, freesia, vetiver, magnolia, and marigold. Marianne comments of the "hint of the icy sharpness of clear mountain air". I'm still sniffing like crazy to figure out where this statement comes in to play.

I remember some very vibrant 'mountain' scents when I was hiking early one morning in the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. The steam was still rising off the ponds as I walked carefully through the marshes hoping to get some closeup pictures of a Beaver dam. Though I walked gently on the moss-like carpet my footprints crushed small white and pink flowers growing close to the waters edge. The fragrance they released was acrid, yet at the same time sweet, like something wanting to be powdery soft, but destined to be herbaceous and deep woods.

The marigold flowers in La Base force the mid notes to call out a bitter/metallic greeting to my nose that quickly subsides much to my relief. If you are patient and don't try to rush the 'dry down' you'll be rewarded with an incredible floral adagio that is deftly conducted by notes of vanilla, musk and violets. This is one incredible, complicated fragrance that demands respect. When you're wearing La Base, you feel instantly dressed for a special occasion; the Opera, Ballet, or dinner at the Four Seasons. You feel sophisticated, in charge and confident. I'd say that's worth the price of admission!

Marianne Masshardt had a vision of creating fragrances that evoke the essence of her beloved homeland, Switzerland. Viewing the wild Alps inspired her to capture impressions so vivid they could never be replaced in her imagination. Using the finest natural ingredients, Marianne has created a perfume scent that conjures images of Switzerland as you've always imagined it: ice-capped mountains, rolling green meadows, alpine flowers and breathtaking vistas. Amazing to put all this into a bottle.

If you'd like to try a sample first, click here. Available for $130 for 50ml at Lucky Scent.