Sunday, May 20, 2007

Spao ~ Organic Body Care

Spao Apothekaria
"It is the most sincere form of essence, composed solely from organic aromatic ingredients and devoid of any synthetic far more alive and pleasing to the senses as it continues blooming, evolving and revealing its beauty on your skin." Ana Brito, perfumer and founder of Spao Apothekaria on the unique benefits of natural perfume.

I must say that I'm quite taken with the Spao Vanilla Amber EdT. At first, I thought it was just another Vanilla. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE Vanilla and I'll have a entire week of spotlighting Gourmand scents coming up soon! But, after about 5-6 minutes, a very warm note, almost like carnation began to surface. Now I really like this...the carnation/clove note that I'm picking up is very similar to Roger and Gallet's Blue Carnation, a favorite of mine that is now discontinued. This is making this fragrance very intriguing. So many vanilla perfumes are...well, just vanilla and frankly a little boring, but Ana has taken vanilla to a new level. You've got to try this one!
Spao products are presented in organic/earthy packaging that is complimentary to the philosophy of adhering to earth-conscious ethics, ensuring Spao products are always:
*free of synthetic ingredients fragrances, preservatives and colorants
*composed of certified organic and wild crafted ingredients whenever available
*cruelty free vegan products - no animal ingredients/no animal testing *recyclable/biodegradable packaging
The Spao Apothekaria collection includes:
Eau de Toilette
Dusting Power

The Spao catalog with complete product descriptions and pricing is available here.