Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sarbez Perfume ~ A fragrance that wouldn't give up!

Everyday we read about someone, somewhere who just wouldn't give up! Now there's also a perfume who wouldn't give up either. Sarbez Perfume is so much more than an incredible fragrance. It's the cliff hanging transformational journey about Peggy Dean, who believing with all her heart that her signature perfume would survive, let nothing keep her from her 'happy ending'. Her fervent wish is for many to enjoy this story of grit and tenacity and wear the fragrance with a confidence of “I can do anything!” You could call this a classic romance between a woman and a fragrance.

As I read Sarbez, the Renaissance of a Fragrance, the love affair that Peggy has had with perfume was immediately evident. During the 20 year rebirth of her signature perfume, Peggy encountered more roadblocks, more stalls, more dead ends, and more disappointing leads that never materialized than most. I honestly don't know if I would have had the stamina to continue. But sheer determination kept her going strong and in the grand scheme of all things, she stayed true to the course and won! In her brief commentary you'll learn about the original Treasure Perfume, its early success and why it had to retreat to be reborn as Sarbez.

I've got to tell you the story of how she choose the name Sarbez. Wanting to make sure that she would not infringe on the name of any other fragrance, she wove her way through the alphabet from A-Z. When she came to 'Z' the first thing she thought of was Zebras...but no way could she name her perfume Zebras. But, if she reversed the letters, something mysterious sounding was being born in her mind and the rest as they say is history. If you look closely at the silver imprinting on her package, you'll see the familiar stripe of the Zebra. Very clever Peggy. The book is a quick read and Peggy writes in a conversational style as though joining you for coffee on a Sunday afternoon. I heartily recommend both the book and the fragrance.

Peggy has mastered the art of presentation! Sarbez perfume is packaged in your choice of four unique and elegant collector bottles, then tucked away in a red velvet box imprinted in silver. First class all the way.

Sarbez is a creation of bergamot, lavender and nuances of several tropical modern twists. The body of the fragrance consists of rich, creamy notes of ylang-ylang and jasmine with hints of fresh floral rose. The lasting scent is a resinous accord of sweet vanilla and Tonka beans surrounded by precious woods of patchouli. What I personally love most about Sarbez is that it starts out as a confident fragrance, then settles into a soft and mysteriously long lasting scent.

It's not as powdery as I thought it might be with the base notes being vanilla, Tonka beans and patchouli. It does have a wonderful way of changing from the first mist that you spray to the final fragrance that leaves you feeling you are wearing a very unique fragrance. My husband said, "Honey, that is a beautiful perfume, what would it smell like on me?" I took him up on his question and spritzed him and while I'm not completely sure that this would fall in the category of unisex fragrances, my husband was getting more citrus notes from the beginning and the patchouli was quite a bit more dominate with his chemistry than mine. Overall, we could definitely claim this as a 'his and her' type of scent and a very pleasant one at that!

Peggy, congratulations on the rebirth of your amazing fragrance.

Sarbez ~ The Renaissance of a Fragrance

Sarbez Eau de Parfum

12 ml .40 fluid ounce spray is available from the website as a special introductory special.