Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Walking the Red Carpet with Fresh Scents by Terri

Next time you have a case of 'Red Carpet' envy, spritz on one of Terri's Fresh Scents and 'va va voom' you'll be feeling like a star, even if the only red carpet you walk on is in your kitchen!

Join celebrities Heather Locklear, Lisa Rinna, Jillian Barberie, Tori Spelling, Gail O'Grady, Amanda Bynes, Donna D'Errico, Rachel Hunter, and Jennifer Blanc and indulge yourself in her fragrances.

A rising fragrance star with the stars of Hollywood is Terri Weitzman who started blending her own fragrances about four years ago because she was so tired of smelling like everyone else and the "big" perfume companies weren't coming up with any unique scents. They all seemed to be copying each other. Terri hit upon a niche that needed to be filled. She was constantly stopped by both women and men asking what she am wearing and where they could buy it. After explaining that she blended her own fragrances, she thought if this many people are interested in her fragrances then maybe it is a sign that she should start her own business.

Fresh Scents by Terri started out by word of mouth, expanding to the web and into some wonderful boutiques and stores around the world. Fresh Scents by Terri creates oils, lotions, body washes and bath & shower gels in many wonderful fragrances for women and two fragrances for men.

I have tried each of Terri's scents and Oh Baby is my favorite. The deftly blended Pikaki with China Rain is an excellent pairing. This is a serious heavy weight in the scent market and I didn't need much to make a statement. It lasts for the better part of the day and was still lingering, though softly into the evening. The Shimmer Scents would probably have more appeal with the younger set who love to glimmer, shimmer and shine'.

Fresh Scents by Terri
has found a trendy, flirty and very creative way to market her products. To be still considered 'new' in the fragrance world and have such a loyal following and to be carried by International and US boutiques demonstrates that Terri not only knows her fragrances, she knows that hard work and persistence pays off!

Congratulations to you Terri and we look forward to your next fragrance launch in the future!