Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fragrances of Ireland ~ Inis - the energy of the sea

In a valley between the two Sugarloaf Mountains in County Wicklow, an area known as 'The Garden of Ireland', you will find Fragrances of Ireland and their fields of lavender and other aromatic plants.

Fragrances of Ireland was established as a family-owned company in 1983 selling Irish perfumes to tourists. However, their products have become so popular that they are now the leading Irish Perfume House and their brands are household names in Ireland. They tenderly create beautiful representations of Ireland through their products, which range from fine fragrances to premium soaps and toiletries, with a meaningful message that people can relate to: "Bringing people back to the wonders of nature and at the same time uplifting them spiritually."

A rose for you, brought all the way from Ireland

Inis Arose is a floral perfume that celebrates the magic of life and love, and imbues a light hearted feeling to the woman who wears it. Inspired by Botticelli's painting, The Birth of Venus. As she arose from the sea a shower of roses came down from the heavens as a gift from the gods to mark the re-birth of love.

Inis Arose is a beautifully fresh Irish perfume conveying a new peace and understanding from Ireland to the world; a fragrance to celebrate the magic of life and love and give everyone a fresh new heart.

"The joyous scent of Inis Arose makes you glad to be alive, delighted to take great breaths of perfumed air and rejoice in re-birth. It dances on the tiniest and most delicate of feet and wafts to the skies, connecting heaven and earth, giving new life and heart to all who wear it." I absolutely adore this Rose fragrance. It's not my Grandma's rose, not my Mother's's a rose rising from the depths of the sea, a rose thought to have been lost, but now found. A rose with salt air hidden between the petals with lingering lemon notes that disobey the hierarchy of 'notes' and refuse to leave, but that is the allure of this perfume. It's light, fresh and while not overpowering, it does makes quite an impression.

Undeniably feminine, it has a top note of sunny lemon with pink geraniums, cyclamen and lily of the valley, middles heart notes of rose, and base hints of sandalwood and vanilla. Inis Arose is just one of the exceptional Irish fragrances available and with a great selection of perfumes, body lotions, and gift sets you might just have a difficult time choosing and want all of them.

Warning: The Garden of Ireland will tempt you with so many luxury bath items and if you read the following paragraph out loud, you may find yourself checking on flights to Ireland. Trust me, it could happen. Don't say I didn't warn you!

"Each scent has been chosen as it encapsulates someone’s memory of Wicklow: the harvesting of our lavender fields in July; heading out with buckets to collect the wild blackberries growing on the hedgerows; the magnificent rose gardens in grand old houses and the magic of being there as the dew glistens in the sunlight; climbing the Sugarloaf and lying out on the carpet of heather and moss at the peak; freshly made lemonade, not too sweet, that quenches your thirst after a day’s adventuring; picking apples in the orchards and then making apple pie."

Fragrances of Ireland can be purchased online and at exclusive retails shops around the world.