Monday, May 28, 2007

Michael Storer ~ Niche Designer

As a young boy, Michael Storer wanted nothing more than to open the amber glass bottles of mysterious liquids sitting on the shelf in the family kitchen and create magical perfume potions. His mother was the recipient of an especially 'creative' fragrance that she wore dutifully, although he cannot remember the scent. Michael's approach to fragrance design has been as varied as his professional career as artist, actor, model and composer.

For years Michael would have to put his 'passion' on the back burner while life 'happened'. After a time of soul searching, he finally understood what the missing ingredient had been in his life all along...more of those amber glass bottles filled with strange and exotic liquids, tinctures and absolutes. From that realization came boundless creative energy flowing with a single minded determination Michael was finally free to do what his talents, his training and his heart told him to do.

Today, he's an easy going, soft-spoken guy with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes and has six popular fragrances to his credit. He's modest about his success in the world of niche fragrance designers and frequently surveys his loyal following for suggestions on his next fragrance creation. Michael says, "So much of the learning for me has simply been countless experiments and countless bottles and many, many mistakes. Gradually you begin to learn what works with what and what doesn't."

Starting with a very popular men's line that is easily worn by women as well, Michael launched Monk, Djin and Il Giardino. But he knew, as a developing perfumer, that his destiny would lead to decidedly feminine creations.

Quoting Tracy Figler from Sniffapalloza Magazine, "If Michael Storer’s men’s fragrances are quiet and reserved, his women’s scents are just the opposite." I've personally met each of these women and I share her sentiment. Stephanie, Genvieve and Yvette, are three competitive 'femme fatales' who know how to make an entrance and are not embarrassed to demand center stage. Each announces, "I'm here, now stop what you're doing and give me your undivided attention!" Without as much as a introduction, or even knowing your name, they subdue you with heady florals and sensuous notes of spices and musks.

Stephanie opens with the elusive watery green essence of gardenia...not the gardenia I wore to my prom. This is the nearly ethereal green essence of the gardenia that doesn't smack you in the face. It's strangely familiar, but add in the pink and black pepper notes calmed by tuberose and you have a very sophisticated daytime fragrance. Decidedly unique, this would easily add a touch of glamor to my 'nine to five' job!

Genvieve awakens my senses like an icy fruity/floral sorbet preparing you for the main course. Quivering mid notes of peach, ylang ylang and violet leaf quiets the Bulgarian rose, a little too much for me personally, especially when anchored with multiple base notes of ambergris, musk, sandalwood and civet. However, I definitely would wear Genvieve when I'm feeling 'controversial' and a bit argumentative, knowing I'll win. Great to wear for an IRS audit...that poor agent won't stand a chance!

Bittersweet Yvette, almost eclipsed by the bravado of Stephanie and Genvieve still commands my attention, although her beguiling motive is unclear to me. The rich deep burgundy juice of plums, 'cherry pie' of the heliotrope and muguet mysteriously develop into a spicy dianthus whisper topped with creamy vanilla at the end of her swan song. Yvette has me wanting more. My favorite of the three, Yvette is the only spark I'll need to light the fire for a romantic rendezvous.

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