Thursday, October 11, 2007

Susanne Lang~Fragrant Layers of Scent

Behind the philosophy of Susanne Lang is the belief that a woman's beauty is most alluring when it's subtle. Not only a veil of her presence but the impression of poise and originality that she leaves behind. As a perfumer, this belief has inspired the creation of a palette of authentic essences which can be layered and blended in endless combinations letting every woman have her special signature fragrances that speaks uniquely to who she is and inspires to be.

Creating those endless combinations is precisely why Susanne created the Lay
ers Wardrobe of Six. Susanne Lang's Layering Wardrobe includes six 7 ml bottles of Eau de parfum.

Midnight Orchid~Egyptian jasmine, balanced with soft musk and a beautiful vanilla absolute, so real it's almost edible. My favorite!

Lotus Blossom~Pink lotus, ginger lily, gardenia, freesia and just a hint of peach.

Tamboti Wood~Tamboti wood accord paired with fresh cedar, Indian sandalwood and vetiver.

Red Ginger~Ginger, pink pepper, patchouli and nutmeg meld perfectly with rose otto.

Vanilla Coconut
~Tahitian vanilla, coconut, pineapple, with sultry notes of fig leaf and red torch ginger.

Cashmere~Cashmere combines rich and sensuous amber, incense, saffron and a variety of exotic spices

Reasonably priced at $72.00 and available from our friends at Lucky Scent.