Monday, October 15, 2007

It's About Thyme

you discovered the amazing world of Thyme's collection of personal, bath and home fragrances.
"Beauty, not superficial beauty but true beauty, lies in the small details of life. These details...a greeting from a neighbor, the feeling of a plush towel against your skin, a stroll in the warmth of the sun...nourish our individual selves and nurture our connections to others. Finding beauty in these moments brings a thoughtfulness, a sense of well-being and fulfillment, to our sometimes hectic, always demanding lives."

Leslie Ross Lentz, founder of Thymes has a singular and abiding philosophy:
"Our mission is to help you enhance and enjoy the quiet moments in your life. We honor this through every aspect of our manufacturing process, and we try hard to treat ourselves, and one another with the same degree of attention and care."

The perfumer at Thymes works as an artisan mixing blend after blend, to find a crisper note of citrus, the lushest-smelling lavender, a bergamot with just the right bloom. The perfumer's staff gives attention to these small details to ensure that the fragrances you experience will always be complex, delightful and more. Their packaging is a work of art! Each fragrance package is uniquely and playfully styled to make taking the bottle out the box as enjoyable as spritzing the delicate yet long lasting scents inside the box! I love to spritz a cloud of fragrance and then 'walk into' the scent. I get a head to toe experience that lasts all day!

My favorite collections are Gold Leaf, Wild Ginger and Kimono Rose.

Goldleaf "When perfume is a work of art. Experience a fragrance of exceptional elegance and grace, enhanced with the skin-soothing properties of nature's most luxuriant ingredients. Bee pollen extract infuses skin with vital nutrients, and golden honey draws in moisture to keep skin supple. Smooth jasmine, fragrant roses, hyacinth and creamy lily of the valley blossom on a background of oak moss and musk to create an elaborate tapestry for the senses."

"Make both you and your skin happy all over with the fresh, inspiring scent of Wild Ginger. Bursting with the bright, mood-elevating essence of effervescent organic ginger balanced with refreshing cucumber; touched with creamy vanilla and spiked with a slice of Tahitian lime and Moro orange. Energized with organic red clover to soothe and moisturizing honey to hydrate, it keeps your skin (and your spirits) positively glowing all day long. Slightly Untamed, Entirely Uplifting."

"Sparkling and lyrical, Kimono Rose is unabashedly feminine, beautifully layered with an undercurrent of intrigue. A sheer, sensuous floral heightened with effervescent sweet clementine and voluptuous cassis on a creamy bed of satiny rose, peony and jasmine petals…finished with a kiss of smooth, silken vanilla. Delicate but dynamic; soft spoken, yet striking, it is a modern reflection of who you are, and who you want to be…all wrapped up in one truly lovely fragrance."

All Thymes are available online and tucked inside each uniquely created box (it's almost a work of art) is a matching sample of body lotion.