Thursday, October 4, 2007

Something new from Essense Collections

New for Fall and Winter!
From the Essense Studio Collection, Noteworthy Fragrances invites you to explore some new scents ready for the cooler weather, cashmere sweaters and a steaming cup of spiced tea.

Blond Suede
New for Fall is a buttery, supple and sweet leather fragrance: Blond Suede. Experience a new wonderfully light and subtly textured take on leather!
The notes include bergamot, spices, violet, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, hay, orris, amber, castoreum, honey, leather and sandalwood. The verdict: a new take on leather. Yeah baby!

Sequoia7 is a scent of earth, mystery and a vast knowing. This winter perfume is from deep within an ancient forest. An earthy blend of coriander and caraway seed, cypress, liatrix, elemi, ginseng accord, guiacwood, patchouli, tobacco vetiver, oakmoss balsam teakwood and woodsmoke accord. The verdict: perfect for "winter hibernation". Oh so soothing.

New for Holiday Season 2007 Essense Collection:
A hushed candlelight perfume; warm, delicious and pulsating. Lumiere brings dark and light together with shimmering spice, rhum and deep coffee notes. But that's only the beginning. Add cinnamon leaf, nutmeg, almond milk accord, hazelnut, amber, sandalwood, oppopanax and Peru Balsam. The verdict: celebrate the season of lights with lovely Lumiere
! Romantic and then some!

And if these new scents weren't enough to delight you, a special fragrance returns! After a long search for new source ingredients, Dawn is re-launching the highly desired skin scent la FĂȘte Nouvelle. Bitter almond, freshly mown hay, lavender, green wheat, sweet grass, toasted rice are anchored with sandalwood, tonka bean, treemoss and vanilla. The verdict: sun warmed fields; simple, clean. Perfect and natural.

Dawn M. Spencer Hurwitz Perfumer and Certified Aromatherapist
Dawn M. Spencer Hurwitz has a unique talent and has been called a Perfume Genius by her devoted clientele. Beginning her career as an art student in painting, Dawn came to Perfumery in 1991. But before she gained the title of Perfume Genius, she was a little girl playing in fields of flowers dreaming one day of painting masterpieces and creating perfume. Now Dawn has achieved the best of both worlds with Parfums des Beaux Arts ~ fine art fragrances and Essence Oils.

Since the early nineties, Dawn has been busy transforming the ESSENSE perfumery into her previous online emporium, "," as well as developing her innovative lines of ready to wear artisan perfumes under her own label and consulting for niche marketers, such as Flora Napa Valley, Calypso, Jules & Jane and Zents Spa collection. Dawn continues to be one busy creative lady and is ever on the quest to create new and luscious perfumes.

Recently updated packaging on the very popular Essense Collections brings bursts of jewel tones and gold filigree to express the sensual and other-worldliness of these beautiful scents. These jewels are boxed up in elegant black to show off the gorgeous colors and make them perfect for gift giving.
If you have personal questions about fragrance, Dawn will respond immediately to your inquires. A delightful perfumer with an exceptional future. Don't forget to check out the samples section of her website. It's a gourmet feast for your sampling pleasure.

Earlier review posted May/2007