Monday, October 22, 2007

Finding your 'happy groove'

The aim of a fragrance is to make you feel happy! The packaging of Smiley alone started the smiles and chuckles even before I got to the scent inside. Fragrance therapy without an RX? And what's with those crazy bottles that don't even stand up but prefer to just roll around? So fun! When most fragrance designers add glamor and value to their scents by bottling them up in fine cut baccarat crystal, sometimes even studded with diamonds....Smiley says, "No thanks" and instead comes packaged in a pill shaped bottle tucked away in a box that looks like it came from a pharmacology company. So original!

Ah ha!! There in lies the genius of this product, created by the very famous Jean Pierre Bethouart, mastermind of fragrances such as Caron, Christian Dior and Versace with the packaging credit going to Ora Ito who's reinterpreted everything from Vuitton backpacks to Heineken bottles, mobile phones and Mac computers.
So famous!

The Smiley formula combines theobromine and phenylethylamine, both natural mood elevators found in cocoa beans, as well as the more conventional notes of bergamot, orange, pimento and bay leaves; the middle notes are cacao, praline and curaƧao; the base note has patchouli, myrrh and musk. Is this the smell of happiness? Anytime I can get a legal giddy boost that's not from a bottle, not from a pill and not from someone who's billing me by the minute - that's got my attention. Smiley calls itself the first anti-stress perfume and those who wear it are 'in therapy'. Now, granted this could be a bit too much hype, but really, who cares? If there is something in these pill shaped bottles that ups the happy factor for my stressful day, I'm at least smiling more just looking at those cutsie bottles labeled in French, English and Braille with such great smelling fragrance. So quirky!

Available in a preponderance of potent perfumed can get your smiles in bath gel and bath fizzies, body lotion, massage oil and my favorite, the Smiley perfume extract. Honestly, you can measure this out by the drop and it lasts all day. Now that is something you can smile about. So happy!

Go on...purchase your own Smiley products at or and let the happy begin!