Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Somewhere between Heaven and Earth

are some amazing handcrafted, fresh and lavish products for your bath and body that are sure to please the most difficult critic and that would be me! I don't like gooey, I don't like greasy and I don't want my jacuzzi tub clogged with oil after taking a long and luxurious bubbly soak. The Heaven and Earth products fulfilled my demands and left my skin totally softened with a delicate scent that did not overwhelm DH who is always such a great sport when I'm sampling and testing new products for review.

This line has offers moisturizers, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs for all skin types, hair care products, soaps and custom blended fragrances. There are even several products where you can choose to layer different scents for your own variety of 'heaven in a jar'. The products I sampled would be considered in the 'foody' or gourmand range. And you already know that I enjoy all things vanilla, so it came as no surprise to me that I loved the jar of Gingerbread and Frosted Vanilla Sugar foaming scrub the very first time I tried it. All I needed was a dollop of freshly whipped cream to go along with the warm, just from the oven gingerbread aroma. The sugar granules are refined enough in this scrub that you won't have to worry about sandblasting off a layer of skin. Finishing off with an application of Silken Glove Cream in Pure Vanilla, I was ready for a night of fragrant, sweet dreams!

I was especially drawn to Autumn, a fragrance with balsamic clove notes reminiscent of Darjeeling tea and undertones of burning leaves. Michele lists the notes as: "Golden Amber and Vanilla and then gently kissed with Orange Blossom.
Orange Blossom, Vanilla Bean, Burning Leaves, Golden Amber and Cinnamon." These are long lasting uncomplicated fragrances that are fun, affordable and best of all, they are made in Minnesota. You gotta love that!

This is THE place to visit if you are looking for unique products that can be custom scented in an amazing choice of products.