Monday, October 1, 2007

Bermuda Perfumery Library

The Bermuda Perfumery was founded in 1928 by William Blackburn Smith and his daughter Madeline Scott. Easter Lily Perfume was first produced experimentally in a small wooden building in Bailey's Bay. The family gradually acquired the surrounding properties to a total of six acres, which is immense to Bermuda standards. New fragrances were added, such as Sweet Pea, Eve, Gardenia and Jonquil. Most were successful but not all. Jonquil was judged to be too sweet and heavy by the public and was dropped.

The same traditions and methods of perfume making are still pursued to this day with the guidance and assistance of David Botello, the Perfumery's perfumer for the past 43 years. Each bottle continues to be filled individually by hand by their dedicated staff. The Perfume Library is an absolutely perfect way to try each of the exquisite fragrances. For an extra special treat ask them to gift wrap your purchase. Delightful indeed!

My favorite fragrance is Lily, a chic and sparkling lush floral bouquet. "The effervescence of tamarine, clementine and guava, hibiscus, calla lily, wild muguet and purple orchid, intertwine with pear flower and nectarine with a touch of blonde woods and a dash of seducing white musk that will linger on the skin long after." This is the perfect Wedding Day scent that is innocent enough for the processional down the isle yet spicy enough to dance the night away.

All fragrances are available in Perfume, Eau de Toilette, Body Lotion and Shower Gel online at the Lily Boutique.