Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ebba Los Angeles

"Mom I'm busy creating." When Viktoria Fisch's mom Ebba would wonder what her daughter was doing, she somehow new that the little girl and the elementary lotions and potions she was mixing in the bathroom would lead to greatness. Viktoria says that not much has changed in the years that have passed as one little girl grew up to demonstrate that anything is possible.

Finding the 'abundance within' must have destined her to become quite the talk around Hollywood, CA where flocks of the faithful drop by to experience first hand the fun and flirty scents that abound. Seems like there is always something
new happening at Ebba Los Angeles. Perhaps the best known of the Miss collection is Miss Marisa and if you love mint, you'll love this fragrance. At first it developed with a somewhat 'soapy' opening, that made me wince just ever so slightly. It was also confusing as notes of peach and licorice played dueling matches on my skin. But wait...give this perfume oil about 15 minutes and then you have the most beautiful floral bouquet remaining with just a whisper of mint. I got raves when I wore this last week and it's definitely appropriate for office wear as it's not a suffocating scent, but polite in every aspect. The verdict: it's not your average floral bouquet, but you really don't want to wear 'average' do you?

The Miss perfume oils are packaged in a beautiful decorate box
with a hand pressed wax seal. Available from Ebba online in a delightful collection of perfume oils, spray, bath and body and boudoir candles.