Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sevi ~ Mundo Botanicals

"Love is more than a noun at Mundo Botanica. It is the foundation of all we do here and in life." The result...honest, vegan, earth-friendly, cruelty-free and as natural as it gets - products formulated with aroma therapeutic essential oils and organic and/or certified organic botanicals. Sevi Kay, founder of Mundo Botanica is a perfumer, aromatherapist and an author who has been working with holistic remedies professionally since 1996. Sevi, born in Istanbul, grew up in Stockholm and New York.

Handcrafted by Sevi, these aromatic gems are without animal by-products such as Musk, Ambergris, Castoreum or Civet. Their natural fragrance are all free from artificial fragrances and phthalates (such as dibutyl-phthalate DEP, diisononyl DINP and butyl benzyl phthalate BBP). If you are sensitive to many synthetic perfumes, you will find that Sevi's natural perfumes are quite different than commercial perfumes or products containing synthetic fragrances and ingredients. Two exquisite fragrances are now available for your organic perfume needs.

Rising of the sun, fruit bearing earth, ancient dreams... A divine blend with floral and bright citrus notes kissed by dark chocolate. Key Notes:Turkish Rose Otto, Chocolate, Jasmine, Vanilla Bourbon, Orange,Tuberose, Osmanthus. This is a very warm, deep scent that evolves over and over. The verdict: Lots of twists and turns with this one!! I'd love for the chocolate to be more pronounced to tame the jasmine and tuberose.

Acacia Eau de Parfum
It is floral and sweet, sprinkled with a dash of spice. Top that with a breeze from the woods. Turkish Rose Otto, Jasmine , Vanilla Bourbon, Petitgrain, Neroli, White Rose, Tea Rose, Myrrh, Vetiver, Pink Grapefruit, Clove, Wild Sage. The verdict: This is an earthy, wild and mature scent. The sage does eclipse the rose tones...almost 'too green' for me, but definitely wearable, especially as Fall approaches. I'd consider laying just a drop of this with a milder linear rose scent for added depth. Both fragrances wear close to your skin and due to the natural component of the ingredients that Sevi uses, you'll need to reapply frequently, but therein is the beauty of organic fragrances!

Samples and full sized products can be ordered online.