Thursday, August 9, 2007

Accord Parfait

The groom waited nervously at the altar as friends and family took their places on wicker benches placed in a casual manner throughout the garden. Amidst whispers that the bride was having second thoughts about her wedding day, the prelude continued. Loved by countless others before he arrived on the scene could she; would she, keep her vows? He seemed to know deep in his heart that she would always love only him, forsaking her history of 'love them and leave them'. All at once, at a predetermined precise moment, conversation ceased, and everyone knew that the bride had finally arrived. Slowly, but without hesitation, the bride, wearing a gown of creamy white satin, looking radiant and beautiful beyond compare, approached the altar where her groom blushed with thoughts of the honeymoon they would soon share. Our bride and groom pledge their abiding love and seal it with a long and tender kiss as the officiant proudly announces they are now Mirabelle and Gardenia Accord Parfait. Our groom, the Mirabelle plum is a small golden yellow plum with red speckles seems to have a history dating back to Asia Minor. His new bride is the very worldly and outrageously beautiful gardenia whose beauty and aroma takes center stage wherever she goes. Named by Carolus Linnaeus after Dr Alexander Garden (1730-1791), Scottish-born American naturalist, the gardenia has over 250 species that can be found from South Africa to India.

Accord Parfaits created, managed and are introduced by Quatre-Vents Prestige a young company of 'the four musketeers' who are all passionate about beautiful perfumes and have set before themselves a challenge: "to launch successful niche fragrances, which are simple and of high quality, at accessible prices, without advertising hype, focusing on a new consumer trend: the desire, observed in a growing number of countries, to find products which express the values of authenticity, quality and simplicity". How refreshing is that! And congratulations to each of you on your extraordinary vision and success.

Mirabelle and Gardenia Accord Parfait is a 'what you smell is what you get' fragrance with two linear notes of plum and gardenia, expertly combined at a precise concentration that gives you the same top, heart and base notes in an extremely long lasting, beautiful (and I mean beautiful) fragrance that has quickly advanced to the top five fragrances I own. Designed as a summer scent, not even 4 feet of snow in Minnesota will stop me from wearing this scent year round.

If you are like me and can't make up your mind...they have a perfect sample collection you can order.
A "Discover Accord Set" is available for 28.00 Euro and contains generous 15ml bottles of six accords.