Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sali Oguri ~ A Noteworthy Original

Whether she's writing music or blending fragrances...both involve a love affair with notes. Beautiful melodies or extravagant fragrances evoke a soulful, emotional response that is undeniable. Sali Oruri touches your heart with her music and your soul with her fragrance. Her first fragrance, Pink Manhattan was a run away success, selling out on Lucky Scent. I only wish I had met Sali sooner. I don't think there is a drop of this gorgeous, yummy peachy perfume left on the planet. (Oh woe is me!)

Sali Oguri is a classically trained musician based in New York who has put Bach and Mozart aside and has gravitated toward driving, hard-hitting and avant-garde styles of popular music. Her songs are true-to-the-heart songs about life, love, angst, fears, insecurities and pain. According to Sali, her modern pop crossover is an artist's study in multiple music genres.

You'll hear Hard Rock, Hip Hop, Soul, New Wave and Jazz elements sometimes in the same tune. Her sound is a contrast in extremes: heaven and hell, hot and cold, love and hate. With Sali, life is intensely on the edge, the ever-changing here and now. "All dressed up with no place to go" is a hypnotic, bitter-sweet ballad; a soulful cry of love lost seen through the eyes of a mother and daughter. This brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard it. Sali has a way of framing the heart-felt emotions we've all experienced.

Toping the charts at a new number one is Sali's newest fragrance launch called
Unreleased Mix aka Persephone, described as a forbidden skin scent: a skinful (I'll add sinful) blend of dark chocolate, blackberry, pomegranate, Mysore sandalwood and notes of royal purple flowers. Persephone as the legend recounts was the Greek mythological daughter of Zeus and Dementer who was abducted by Hades. He tricked her by giving her a pomegranate to eat, which forced her to return to Hades for one third of the year for the rest of her life. As revenge, her mother, Demeter imposed a bitter cold winter upon the world as her sorrow at loosing her daughter was inconsolable. (Wonder if that's how these outrageous Minnesota winters came to be.)

With dark, almost sinister notes of chocolate, this is not your every day Hershey bar. This is a chocolate you'd savor one calorie at a time, a chocolate you'd wouldn't share with the kids, a chocolate reserved for special occasions...a chocolate that makes sweet love to your taste buds. It's dark, decadent and defiant, but definitely not a loathsome gourmand. The chocolate gives way to a luscious ambrosia of blackberries and pomegranate reminiscent of a dark sweet cordials enjoyed after a fine dinner. The sandalwood adds a layer of sacred warm incense, but none of the musty overtones that unfortunately appear with other fragrances. A playful note of dark lavender completes the magic of this perfume. Like Sali's voice, it's soft, sexy and sultry!

Unreleased Mix aka Persephone is available here.

And congratulations for "Private Dreams" currently on the Top 10 at Broadjam in the genre of Electronic-Dance. Visit Sali's website at for her complete music bio.

Sali will offer a 20% discount on orders place through
Just include the code "Noteworthy" for orders placed between now and September 30th.