Monday, August 6, 2007

Neil Morris ~ A passion for perfumes

Making fragrant dreams is what Neil Morris does best. Fulfilling a life time desire to create meaningful and exotic scents, he is blazing new trails in the niche designer league. From the age of nineteen, he's been pursuing his first love. A declared 'self-taught' perfumer, Neil's greatest joy is assimilating your personal information as though he entered your psyche and then produces a mesmerizing perfume cocktail from his collection of over 800 essential and fragrance oils that becomes your very own holy grail. Hundreds of thankful customers have experienced this luxury of having a Neil Morris custom designed fragrance, never to be duplicated for anyone else in the world. I found a very interesting article in the Elegant Wedding magazine describing the minute by minute process of Neil's custom fragrance consultations.
When describing his creations, Neil loves to openly share the inspiration for his fragrances as well as the description of the various notes. Often inspired by imagery and dreams, he likes to have his fragrances transition through various stages while being worn - to move and dance on the skin. In keeping with the celebration of individuality, his fragrances are not gender specific and can be worn by men and women with total confidence.

In fact, my husband is a huge fan of
Clear, which tickles his nose and his fancy with bright opening notes of pink grapefruit and linden blossom, then giving way to a beautiful combination of balsam and mint and finally a dry down of cedar and an extraordinary clean musk. This blends perfectly with his skin chemistry and always boosts my 'I'm going to follow you around for another whiff' quotient. On my skin...not so the cedar and balsam are dueling it out quite fiercely. This is my man's scent and he doesn't mind for one second that I follow him around! (wink)

My favorite Neil Morris fragrance is
Afire...oh la la, this is an amazingly seductive scent. Take an opening of tart citrus, luscious berries swirled in caramel, then a smoldering, passionate frankincense on the scene emerges that ever so slowly sets the stage for whispers of vanilla and soft wood notes. It's like Neil has blended this scent exclusively for me. Does this winsome, smiling teddy bear of a gentleman know me better than I know myself? How could he know what notes would transport me into a private sanctuary where memories have been stored away, where dreams need no permission to return? Although this is not a custom scent designed specifically for me...I truly believe with all my heart...this is what is would smell like. Thanks Neil.

ue to a delightful twist of fate, I have an extra sample collection that I'd love to share with the first person to email me with the correct answer to this question: What are the names of the two fragrances mentioned in the article about the launch of the Neil Morris collection at the Laguna Beach Montage Hotel 'Art of Fragrance'?

Purchase the entire NMF line of six 1.7ml spray samples for only $15.00. A perfect way to introduce yourself and your best friends to a collection of fragrances by someone certain to be known and adored throughout the world. I'll return to review additional scents in the future!