Saturday, August 4, 2007

Possets 'a buzz' with Honey

Noteworthy News
Just announced - Possets is introducing a very special mid-summer collection of honey scents affectionately called "The Girls".

The first in "The Girls Love" series of Honey scents, is The Girls Love Pink Pepper is really a gorgeous blending of honey and that woody but feminine scent. This is PINK pepper and it dances beautifully with that deep from the comb honey and other secret ingredients within the blend.

The Girls Love Vanilla is for anyone who loves-loves-loves-the smell of vanilla, this is the supersaturated honey soaked, sinful, hedonistic custom rare and unabashed blend you have been waiting for. Outrageously lovely. Too pretty for angels almost, but not too pretty for you!
The Girls Love Limeys comes as really and truly beautiful pairing of honey and lime and secret ingredients, just like bees make. It is a real beauty again. Tart and sweet at the same time, a tiny bit spicy and full of life. And, yes, the word "limeys" is doing double duty!
The Girls Love a Good Posset! Oh so sweet, the honey and the pastry cream. This is the best French pastry cream, so buttery and makes love to your tongue. This is the stuff you find under those excellent plums, a thin coating of heavenly custard (no plums here though...nothing good for you at all). Yes, if you are the gourmand you pretend to be, you will love The Girls Love a Good Posset.
The Girls Love Clubbing! Imagine the thump of Club Bee music, the Girls show up and they are dressed to kill! Those wasp waists and big black eyes! That hair, those black leggings! The haze of clove with honey and other things. Yes. It's going to be a good evening!

Today we discover a gem of a rose with a name that conjures up memories of my antique tea service, probably gathering tarnish, again in my closet or the sad epitaph of "A real rose dipped in sterling silver for your loved one." Nothing makes me cringe more than that description, unless it's being on the receiving end! But in the context of living, breathing
hybrid tea roses, I can welcome Sterling Silver to my garden.
Sterling Silver Rose
The rose that pushed lavenders into popularity, 'Sterling Silver' is still notable for its clear, silvery lavender color and intense old-rose scent. Attractive pointed buds and cup-shaped open blooms come on a medium-size, moderately vigorous bush. One of the first light mauve colored roses. Parent of Angel Face, and second through fourth generation progenitor to many a fragrant mauve rose. Occasionally a bloom from this rose can seriously break your heart with its beauty. Unfortunately, Sterling Silver is not highly disease resistance and when the blooms fade, it can look quite ragged.

Stainless Steel Rose
An alternative rose with an even more unusual name is the Stainless Steel Rose. Also classified as a hybrid tea with impeccable lavender blossoms, up to 6 inches across, possessing a powerful, classic rose scent. Thought to be superior to its popular predecessor, Sterling Silver, because of it's long lasting blooms with a tough constitution. (I wouldn't expect any thing less from a Stainless Steel rose.)

Welcome Spring! Fabienne Christensen, the enchanting owner of the niche perfumery Possets warmly greets you as you step into her Over-the-Rhine studio at the Pendleton Arts Center in historic Pendleton, Ohio. The first impressions of Possets you get from visiting her website are: vintage, quirky, playful, coloring outside the lines and rather unconventional. It's precisely those qualities that endears Fabienne to her loyal customers.

What is a posset? A 'posset' is an archaic English term which originally meant a sweet smelling 'sop' or palliative which was concocted only to make you feel better, but not to cure anything. Later it came to mean something you treated yourself to, a small personal indulgence. It rhymes with 'cosset' because the two words could be used interchangeably. But, alas, the word 'posset' fell out of fashion, until now.

Fabienne has a lust to create fragrance with abandonment and creativity. Her corresponding artwork is also unabashedly creative. She explains, "Some of the ingredients I use are unexpected, some are classics of the art, some combinations are a surprise, and some are new twists on old favorites. As you may have suspected, I adore creativity and I bet you will, too."

It was that creativity that made me take notice of Silver Roses, the sister to Silver Violets. With rose notes of course, there's spun sugar, vanilla, musk and magic. Magic? Is that magic really something more like rose oxide? Fabienne says she once got a bottle of rose oxide and it smelled metallic and wooly. "There's no way this smells like a rose!"

One day, during her ritual morning walk, she notices a rose bush that caught her attention. Bending down to smell the fragrance, she was amazed to discover...what else... rose oxide. Eureka!
Silver Roses was born.

"In general, Possets is my perfume company. All of my fragrances are original, hand blended by me, Fabienne Christenson. One of my most profound joys in life is to invent superbly imaginative gorgeous scents. My second most thrilling activity is to revisit ancient recipes and bring them up to 21st century tastes."

Fabienne makes two different kinds of perfume: perfume made with modern ingredients, which are referred to as Possets and 'Possets' 100% Naturals. She is totally strict about the Naturals and they cannot have so much as one drop of anything which is artificial, 'nature identical', man-made from a lab, or a blend of natural and man-made. If she designs a fragrance that has to have anything non-natural in it, it becomes a regular Posset. No ifs, ands or buts about it! At Possets it's either natural or it isn't. Simple. Fabienne wouldn't want it any other way and neither would we.

Try a sample pack and see for yourself what Possets is all about.

I'll leave you with a true temptation that sounds hard to resist.
Hearts and Flowers. The 'lovey' perfume for lovers! Real cocoa and real Bulgarian rose make love to each other with the intervention of several other angelic ingredients...just like true love! Everything you could want, and more. Oh Fabienne, have you no shame?
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