Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Satellite of Paris ~ Technicolor fragrance

Satellite of Paris - niche perfume collection has many fragrances for your many moods.

Sandrine Dulon's owner of Satellite of Paris has unique and diversified jewelry creations which are always original. Taking a personal and stylish mix of juvenile imagination, ethological spirit and recollections from her various travels around the world, Sandrine's talent in the fashion and fragrance world is drawing attention. Her quest for a collection of perfect fragrances draws upon her experience as a traveler to exotic destinations replicating the scent of secret gardens from around the world.

The highlight of sampling these fragrances was unquestionably
Padparadscha, named for the the extremely rare glowing pink and orange sapphires of Burma. Opening with an earthy blast of black pepper, this fragrance meanders and takes several detours before it gets down to business and lets the sandalwood and musk bask in the limelight. Elusive to describe it's easier to tell you it's like a walk in a deep Evergreen forest as pine needles snap under foot releasing a resinous cedar/incense aroma. Longevity wise it was about six hours for me and I would recommend Padparadscha while wearing a silk dressing gown and sharing a glass of Shiraz as prelude to a very romantic encounter. Definitely not for the office unless you are a confident power-broker type who loves throwing caution to the wind.