Thursday, September 6, 2007

Don't tell my husband ~ I'm in love with FRANK

FRANK - A name that salutes both heritage and forthrightness. Upfront, distinct and cutting-edge, FRANK/Los Angeles is a boutique fragrance house that keeps with the time honored tradition of artisan, small batch perfume making, smart, minimalist packaging and bold essence combinations. FRANK’s hand-crafted creations are a salute to men (and women) of this age. Okay...I'll admit that I really like this collection of 'guy juice'.

Frank: Notes - grapefruit, ginger root, green tea, bergamot, cassis, angelic seed, clove, sandalwood. The verdict: Masculine, but not to a fault. Woodsy, green, clean and just sweet enough so you won't need to add sugar thanks to the yummy, fruity cassis.

Frank 2: Notes - bergamot, white lavender, coriander, crushed plum leaves, cognac, plum, fir balsam, coffee bean essence, red maplewood, teakwood, white musk.
The verdict:
Stronger, sexier and more sophisticated than the original. Way more sillage...reminds me of Christmas incense, although don't look for Santa to be wearing this when he pays you a visit this December!

Frank 3: Notes - cucumber, casaba melon, citrus, lavender, basil, clary sage, oak moss, suede, musk, patchouli. The verdict: This is the perfect fragrance for the 'tween' season of summer to autumn with a jasmine note that makes me weak in the knees followed by the earthiness of fallen leaves in a deep forest.

Available from our friends at Lucky Scent